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Happy New Year 2019!

2018 has been a quite slow, but still a good year for this P&P '05 Blog and it's all because of YOUThank YOU all so much for visitingreading, and commenting here. Unlike last year, we’re I had posted more...this year, I posted less here, since got super busy. No worries, this year I’ll try to post more and keep updating, and keeping this Blog and P&P movie alive. Hope to continue and keep going for many more years to come (or for as long as I can).

I would like to wish all the P&P/Jane Austen fans around the world, frequent visitors, and faithful readers of this blog here a...

May everyone have a safe, healthy, blessed,  
and a Spectacular New Year 2019!!! 

Here are the highlights or rather links (if you missed them) of my blog posts from the past 12 months (which I've only posted a total of  99 posts for 2018 compared to last year's over 143 posts!)...

 2018 P&P 05 Blog Posts Highlights

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  1. Happy new year and best wishes! It's been a year since I discover the blog. Thanks for all your post and good moments.


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