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Pride and Prejudice Quotes from Novel to Film (Chapter 30)

Continuing from my previous posts (Chapters 1-29), and moving right on to Chapter 30, which was back to the dinner at Rosings scene, where Elizabeth & Darcy were briefly conversing just before Lady Catherine interrupted them and started interrogating Miss Bennet. This scene was in a different order in the movie as well as in the novel.

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Pride and Prejudice 


Chapter VII of Volume 2 (Chapter 30)

SIR WILLIAM stayed only a week at Hunsford; but his visit was long enough to convince him of his daughter's being most comfortably settled, and of her possessing such a husband and such a neighbour as were not often met with. While Sir William was with them, Mr. Collins devoted his mornings to driving him out in his gig and shewing him the country; but when he went away, the whole family returned to their usual employments, and Elizabeth was thankful to find that they did not see more of her cousin by the alteration, for the chief of the time between breakfast and dinner was now passed by him either at work in the garden, or in reading and writing, and looking out of window in his own book room, which fronted the road. The room in which the ladies sat was backwards. Elizabeth at first had rather wondered that Charlotte should not prefer the dining parlour for common use; it was a better sized room, and had a pleasanter aspect; but she soon saw that her friend had an excellent reason for what she did, for Mr. Collins would undoubtedly have been much less in his own apartment, had they sat in one equally lively; and she gave Charlotte credit for the arrangement.

Colonel Fitzwilliam entered into conversation directly with the readiness and ease of a well-bred man, and talked very pleasantly; but his cousin, after having addressed a slight observation on the house and garden to Mrs. Collins, sat for some time without speaking to any body. At length, however, his civility was so far awakened as to enquire of Elizabeth after the health of her family.

She answered him in the usual way, and after a moment's pause, added,
"My eldest sister has been in town these three months. Have you never happened to see her there?''

She was perfectly sensible that he never had; but she wished to see whether he would betray any consciousness of what had passed between the Bingleys and Jane; and she thought he looked a little confused as he answered that he had never been so fortunate as to meet Miss Bennet. The subject was pursued no farther, and the gentlemen soon afterwards went away.

Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Movie Script

"I trust your family is in good health, Miss Elizabeth?" (Mr. Darcy)

"They are, thank you." (Elizabeth Bennet)

My eldest sister is currently in London, perhaps you happened to see her there?" (Elizabeth)

I haven't been fortunate enough, no." (Mr. Darcy)



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