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Pride and Prejudice Quotes from Novel to Film (Chapter 17)

Continuing from my previous posts (Chapters 1-16) and moving right on to Chapter 17, which was about Elizabeth and Jane's conversation about Mr. Darcy and Wickham as they prepare for the Netherfield Ball.

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Pride and Prejudice 


"They have both,'' said she, ``been deceived, I dare say, in some way or other, of which we can form no idea. Interested people have perhaps misrepresented each to the other. It is, in short, impossible for us to conjecture the causes or circumstances which may have alienated them, without actual blame on either side.''

``Very true, indeed; -- and now, my dear Jane, what have you got to say in behalf of the interested people who have probably been concerned in the business? -- Do clear them too, or we shall be obliged to think ill of somebody.''

``Laugh as much as you choose, but you will not laugh me out of my opinion. My dearest Lizzy, do but consider in what a disgraceful light it places Mr. Darcy, to be treating his father's favourite in such a manner, -- one, whom his father had promised to provide for. -- It is impossible. No man of common humanity, no man who had any value for his character, could be capable of it. Can his most intimate friends be so excessively deceived in him? oh! no.''

``I can much more easily believe Mr. Bingley's being imposed on, than that Mr. Wickham should invent such a history of himself as he gave me last night; names, facts, every thing mentioned without ceremony. -- If it be not so, let Mr. Darcy contradict it. Besides, there was truth in his looks.''
``It is difficult indeed -- it is distressing. -- One does not know what to think.''
``I beg your pardon; -- one knows exactly what to think.''

But Jane could think with certainty on only one point, -- that Mr. Bingley, if he had been imposed on, would have much to suffer when the affair became public.

``While I can have my mornings to myself,'' said she, ``it is enough. -- I think it no sacrifice to join occasionally in evening engagements. Society has claims on us all; and I profess myself one of those who consider intervals of recreation and amusement as desirable for every body.''

Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Movie Script 

"I still think there must have been a misunderstanding." (Jane)

Oh, Jane, do you never think ill of anybody?" (Elizabeth)
"Well, how could Mr. Darcy do such a thing? I'll discover the truth from Mr. Bingley at the ball this evening." (Jane)

"If it is not true, let Mr Darcy contradict it himself. Till he does, I hope never to encounter him." (Elizabeth)

"Poor, unfortunate Mr. Wickham." (Jane)

"On the contrary, Wickham is twice the man Darcy is." (Elizabeth)


And let us hope, a rather more willing dancer." (Jane)



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