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Love Actually Sequel Cast Reunion Photo and more BTS!

A new cast reunion photo from Red Nose Day Actually (a 10-minute short film sequel to Love Actually, the 2003 romantic-comedy movie), in which Keira Knightley with some of her original LA co-stars reunited for the mini-sequel was aired in the UK last March 24th on BBC One was recently released via Entertainment Weekly. You can Watch: Keira Knightley in Red Nose Day Actually Short Film. The US version of NBC's Red Nose Day special (featuring an American Exclusive scene with Laura Linney!) will air on May 25th.

See more on set photos of Keira with director Richard Curtis and co-stars Andrew Lincoln and  Chiwetel Ejiofor below...

From Entertainment Weekly:
“Love actually is all around.” That’s surely true for EW’s special Untold Stories issue, in which we reunited writer-director Richard Curtis and a fair percentage of the cast from the 2003 Christmas movie. In the photo above, you’ll see (from left) Bill Nighy (Billy Mack), Olivia Olson (Joanna), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Sam), Liam Neeson (Daniel), Colin Firth (Jamie), Lucia Moniz (Aurelia), Chiwetel Ejiofor, (Peter), Keira Knightley (Juliet), Andrew Lincoln (Mark), Hugh Grant (the Prime Minister), and Martine McCutcheon (Natalie).
A close-up shot of the Love Actually (love triangle) trio: Peter, Juliet, and Mark...
But Love Actually, in fact, was not a populist slam dunk. Mixed reviews and ho-hum box office in the U.S. meant it took a couple of years (thanks to DVD sales and holiday TV airings) before the film acquired modern rom-com classic status.

“I don’t think any of us expected it to become a phenomenon,” says Knightley, one of several actors, along with Nighy and Ejiofor, who became stars in the film’s wake. “But it took on this wonderful following and now it’s almost bigger in America than anywhere else.” [EW]
More On set/BTS photos of KK from Red Nose Day Actually below...

 (photos credit: Nick Briggs | Entertainment Weekly)


Secrets Spilled! Six New Things We Learned About Love Actually

3. Lincoln feared his iconic handwritten card scene would come across as “creepy”

One of the film’s most memorable scenes comes when Mark (Lincoln) declares his unrequited love to his best friend’s wife (Keira Knightley) by playing a recording of Christmas carols outside her house while silently holding up handwritten cards that proclaim his true feelings to her. While the scene has become a pop-culture touchstone, Lincoln was weary of how the moment would come across. “My big scene with the cards in the doorway felt so easy. I just had to hold cards and be in love with Keira Knightley,” he said. “But I kept saying to Richard, ‘Are you sure I’m not going to come off as a creepy stalker?’ ”

But Curtis never had a doubt. “Retrospectively, I’m aware that Andrew’s role was on the edge. But I think because Andrew was so openhearted and guileless, we knew we’d get away with it.” [People]


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