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SPEND THE HOLIDAY WITH ELIZABETH & MR. DARCY: Pride & Prejudice Inspired Holiday Reads & Cozy Accessories

Austenesque/Pride & Prejudice Holiday Themed Reads & Cozy Accessories

Looking for something to read as the festive season winds to a close? Well turn off the TV and warm your heart with Christmas themed reads that will satisfy the Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice fan who can appreciate a good retelling or variation inspired by her work.

The one thing that we can all probably agree on is that reading a Holiday romance around this time of year makes everything feel just a little bit more magical.  There’s just something that makes us want to curl up somewhere cozy with a familiar, feel-good story.  Even though it may be clichΓ©, the thought of sitting by a fireplace, reading nook, or getting into bed early to settle down with a new tome is a comforting and wonderful experience.  Nothing quite celebrates the feeling of the season like an engaging and utterly charming book.

No matter your current romantic situation, it's lovely to escape into a sweet love story.  Many narratives have been written about Christmas and Claus.  However, very few of those take that special romantic element paired with the themes of Austen’s most beloved novels and make them into something truly special, giving all the right feels.  You may want to read after that post-Christmas-dinner slump or wait until the coming week as things are a lot less hectic.  But which book?  Whether your preference is regency or modern, there is enough inspiration and variety available (Amazon: Pride & Prejudice Christmas Novels) to satisfy anyone’s tastes or moods.  From Christmas to New Year's Eve, these tales are totally swoon-worthy and are sure to make your days merry and bright!

Here are some of my favorites along with some highly rated recommendations to fill your Kindles with Christmas cheer! I’ve also included the links to various fan fiction sites that have an offering of splendid Christmas short stories and vignettes; as well as links to a Polyvore set of cozy reading accessories and snack items to enhance an already enjoyable experience.

So spend the remaining days of the holiday season with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy! Grab a blanket and snuggle up somewhere nice, with a mug of hot cocoa or tea because these stories are just as impossible to resist as that second sugar cookie! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa! May the magic and the wonder of the holiday season stay with you throughout the New Year!!!  

Mr. Darcy Christmas, Sharon Lathan

Excerpt from Official Book Description: "Based on the Darcy Saga series by Sharon Lathan, this novella takes the reader down the passage of time with ten individual snippets of the evolving Darcy family celebrating. Beginning on the Christmas Eve after meeting Lizzy Bennet, Mr. Darcy is a man tortured by visions and emotions he is unable - or unwilling - to deal with. Thereafter follows a succession of Christmas Eves and Days with Mr. Darcy as a happily married man surrounded by his wife and an ever-increasing family, giving glimpses of their future."

This is simply one of my favorites because I am a huge fan of Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga and have read the series too many times to count. As the description mentions, what I love most about each snippet is that it provides glimpses into our dear couple’s future.

Mr. Darcy's Present, Regina Jeffers

Excerpt from Official Book Description: "What if Mr. Darcy purchased a gift for Elizabeth Bennet to acknowledge the festive days even though he knows he will never present it to her? What if the gift is posted to the lady by his servants and without his knowledge? What if the enclosed card was meant for another and is more suggestive than a gentleman should share with an unmarried lady? Join Darcy and Elizabeth, for a holiday romp, loaded with delightful twists and turns no one expects, but one in which our favorite couple take a very different path in thwarting George Wickham and.  Lydia Bennet’s elopement. Can a simple book of poetry be Darcy’s means to win Elizabeth’s love? When we care more for another than ourselves, the seeds of love have an opportunity to blossom."

Blame The Mistletoe, Sarah Johnson

Excerpt  from Official Book Description: "A Pride & Prejudice novella variation. Unable to stay away from Meryton for long, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Charles Bingley return to Netherfield for Christmas, bringing with them Darcy’s sister Georgiana. Wickham has already established himself as trustworthy, especially in the eyes of Miss Elizabeth Bennet, giving Darcy an even harder time of winning her heart. Will the mistletoe boughs hung all around help in bringing these two lovers together?"


Lucky 13: Matchmaking & Misunderstandings, Cat Gardiner
Excerpt  from Official Book Description: “Lucky 13 is a fresh and fun Pride and Prejudice inspired, steamy, holiday romance. Imagine "You’ve Got Mail" meets "Sex in the City" in a sexy tale where the secondary characters are as lovable as our hero and heroine. Let the holiday season come to life with romance, comedy and a ton of feel good moments.”

This was one of the most interactive and creative novels that I've ever read! When recommending this book I always applaud the author Cat Gardiner for the thought and detail that went into this offering. From the You Tube trailer, supplemental blog posts, Spotify soundtrack, and Pinterest page I was thoroughly engaged and invested in this story. NOTE: DO NOT SKIP THE BLOG POSTS! It gives the reader first-hand accounts from the character(s) perspectives and offers further insight on aspects of the story that are referenced but not necessarily detailed in the corresponding chapters.  Also the blog provides updates on our hero and heroine's lives well after the book ends. Like my favorite Christmas cds, I revisit this tale each Christmas since its debut.

Villa Fortuna - A Romantic Comedy of Pride, Prejudice and a Haircut, Cat Gardiner

YouTube Trailer: Villa Fortuna;  Spotify Playlist: Villa Fortuna;

Excerpt from Official Book Description: "A laugh-out-loud Christmas novel inspired by Jane Austen's most beloved Pride and Prejudice characters.  Discover the romance and comedy of Villa Fortuna where Little Italy collides with the country club set...at a hair salon."

NOTE:  Fortuna's original plot-line has all the elements of a romantic comedy focusing on Pride and Prejudice. The characters names have been changed and the author borrowed some of their characteristics, creating her own tale of hard-won, contemporary love.

 Holidays with Jane - Christmas CheerVarious Authors

Audible: Holidays with Jane

Jennifer Becton (Author), Melissa Buell (Author), Rebecca M. Fleming (Author), Cecilia Gray (Author), Jessica Grey (Author), Kimberly Truesdale (Author)

Excerpt  from Official Book Description: "Six talented authors make your Christmas lights twinkle with these modern-day adaptations of Jane Austen's novels. Curl up with some peppermint tea and enjoy something special in your stocking this holiday season."
Popular Fan Fiction websites – Register and then conduct searches for Christmas themed short stories and vignettes:
The Meryton Assembly, http://www.meryton.com
Darcy and Lizzy, http://blog.darcyandlizzy.com 
Austen Underground, http://austenunderground.com 
Derbyshire Writers' Guild, FanFiction, http://dwiggie.com/toc/search.php

© Natasha Shubrick is a P&P Blog guest blogger/contributor. She loves all things Jane and is a devoted fan of the 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice.


  1. Well, what a pleasant surprise! Thank you for including me in the list. Happy Holidays, Everyone!

    1. Merry Christmas, Regina! πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„ Great to see your "Mr. Darcy's Present" holiday book in the list. Love the title!

  2. Great post, Natasha! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌ Loved and enjoyed reading it! 😘 Thanks for all the P&P Inspired Holiday theme book recommendations. Will check them out! Also, great selection of Holiday accessories esp. that I ❤️ Mr. Darcy mug. πŸ˜‰

  3. How wonderful! Thank you SO SO much for including my little novella! I am seeing this late (I'm in Disney World) but thanks to my pal Regina Jeffers I am now aware and sharing! You ladies ROCK! Thanks Natasha!!

  4. Hi Natasha! I'm honored to be included in your list of Christmas reads. Thank you for the wonderful compliment. Wishing you and everyone a joyous holiday season. :)


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