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Showtime's Homeland starring Claire Danes and Rupert Friend renewed for Season 6!

The 10th-time Emmy Award and 5-time Golden Globe winning drama series Homeland starring Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, and Rupert Friend, which currently in its Season 5 (and premiered last October 4th on Showtime) has been renewed today by Showtime for Season 6 according to Deadline Hollywood.

Rupert joined the series back in Season 2 (Episode 4) playing agent Peter Quinn, which he scored an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor.

I'm very glad this show is back for another season and that means more Rupert/Peter Quinn. I must admit I haven't been keeping up nor watched this show in a while. I've seen only a few episodes back in Season 1 and back then and until now...I still don't have Showtime channel on my cable subscription. I've seen some random episodes on Netflix though of previous seasons. I wanted to see the current Season 5 as I heard it's been very good this season and Rupert's Peter Quinn (who's a fan favorite) is too. I guess I'll just wait when S5 episodes are added to Netflix.

Homeland - Season 5  Promo & Episode Stills 
featuring Rupert Friend as agent Peter Quinn

(Source: photos by Stephan Rabold/Showtime | Homeland's official Twitter)

See all Season 5 Homeland photos via Yahoo TV

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