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Pride & Prejudice (2005) movie coming to Netflix January 1st, 2016; Plus a standard DVD re-release with new artwork January 12th!

I have been waiting for Joe Wright's Pride & Prejudice (starring & ) 2005 film be added to Netflix for a very long time (I've even tweeted Netflix about it once, ahaha!) and finally, the recent news for What’s Coming to Netflix in January 2016 (via Collider) and that made me happy like Mrs. Bennet saying, "oh, happy day!" in the movie. So, yes, for those of us, who has been searching and waiting for Netflix to add this movie in like forever on their new releases list, P&P movie is finally going to be added on their stream list of new movies arriving on the first day of January 2016 (New Year's Day)! Woohooo!!! See what else is coming Netflix in January: Here's what's new (via USA Today).

Speaking of P&P (2005) movie, Oxygen will be showing it again, twice on January 6th starting at 6:30 pm ET and 10:30 pm ET. I missed the Christmas Eve back-to-back airing, but I'm glad it's airing again in January! Also, apparently, a new DVD release (from Universal Studios/Universal Pictures Home Entertainment) is set for a January 12th, 2016. Don't get excited about this one though as it's not the 10th anniversary P&P DVD/Blu-ray we've all been hoping/waiting for, rather it's a re-release of...get this...another version of standard DVD from our beloved and favorite P&P movie. It's not even new, other than the artwork (see above and below).

I don't understand why they would re-release version we already own with no new special features, only new artwork (on front cover of DVD and an old back cover). Why not just release a new 10th anniversary edition with new extras? Well, this wasn't being released by Focus Features (they released the first standard DVD, 2-disc collector's edition, and Blu-ray), but still, they're part of NBC Universal. They should release a new one, instead of wasting on a new DVD artwork with an old standard version (we already own). I'm more excited for this movie coming to Netflix than it is being re-release with no new special features to get excited about. I like the new animated artwork though, but even that they could've used Keira/Elizabeth's actual still from the movie to save them from making a new artwork, since they are not even bothering to release a new DVD/Blu-ray anniversary edition.

Anyway, here's the new artwork (via Universal Pictures Home Entertainment) with the standard DVD features and January 2016 re-release date info. below...

Pride & Prejudice (2005)


One of the greatest love stories of all time, Pride & Prejudice, comes to the screen in a glorious new adaptation starring Keira Knightley. When Elizabeth Bennet (Knightley) meets the handsome Mr. Darcy (Matthew MacFadyen), she believes he is the last man on earth she could ever marry. But as their lives become intertwined in an unexpected adventure, she finds herself captivated by the very person she swore to loathe for all eternity. Based on the beloved masterpiece by Jane Austen, it is the classic tale of love and misunderstanding that sparkles with romance, wit and emotional force. Critics are calling it "Exhilarating. A joy from start to finish" (Carina Chocano, Los Angeles Times).

Standard Edition
New Artwork

Special Features 
  • A Bennet Family Portrait
  • Jane Austen, Ahead of Her Time
  • Behind-the-Scenes at the Ball
  • Feature Commentary with Director Joe Wright
  • Pride & Prejudice: HBO First Look
Technical Information 
Run Time: Theatrical: 2 Hour(s) 9 Minutes
MPAA Rating: PG
Language & Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround / French Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround / Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Subtitles: English SDH / French / Spanish
Picture: Anamorphic Widescreen / Color

Release Date: January 12, 2016
Number of Discs: 1

Note: If you need a new copy of your old P&P DVD, you can order this standard Pride & Prejudice DVD on Amazon or through here.



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