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P&P Fans: Confess your Pride & Prejudice Movie addiction stories

It is a truth universally acknowledged that global fans of Pride & Prejudice (2005) movie love, love, love watching it whenever it's showing on TV (even though they own the DVD, Blu-Ray, Amazon or iTunes copies) and never get tired of watching it. There's just something magical about it that never gets old for devoted fans of this movie, like myself, who just can't get enough of this movie. I've been watching and talking (ie. 16 Beautiful Things I love about the 2005 Pride & Prejudice film, The Magic Feeling of Watching Pride & Prejudice 2005 filmIn Retrospect: 10 Years of Joe Wright's Pride & Prejudice and 10 reasons why I still love watching it more and more! etc.) about it for a decade now and still love and never tire of this movie. Well, what can I say, I dearly love this movie and it made me love Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice novel, which it was adapted from and P&P in general. It's also the main reason I started a fan forum (in 2006), followed by this blog (in 2007), in which in 2010, I posted here my Confessions of a P&P Blogger.

The recent post I posted in Facebook for all P&P fans to comment about how long they've been P&P fans and which P&P adaptation is their favorite, etc. My series of posts, and this old post: You know you're addicted to Pride & Prejudice movie when... (and read more via Facebook P&P Fanpage) inspired me to start this new P&P Fans' Movie Addiction Stories series idea, but only with you, the fans, and your participation will this work.

What is it that spark your interest and made you love Joe Wright's Pride & Prejudice (2005) movie that ever since you first saw it (whether way back when it was released 10 years ago or you just saw it recently for the very first time), you can't help but watch it again and again, and the more you see it, the more you love it and your addiction to it continues to grow as it never gets old in your viewing.

Was it the brilliant and talented ensemble cast of this movie and their realistic and touching performances of their characters, with whom they brought to life from Austen's classic novel to the big screen? Was it the stunningly gorgeous cinematography and breathtaking scenery/locations? The timeless story or beautiful soundtrack? Or was it the undeniable on-screen chemistry between Keira Knightley & Matthew Macfadyen as Elizabeth & Darcy that kept your eyes glued to this film not just one time, but countless of times? Whether it's one of them or all of the above, I'd love to hear/read and compile here your P&P (2005) movie's obsession or addiction stories for the nostalgia and to celebrate (again) the 10th year anniversary of its US Theatrical release, which was the 11th of November in 2005.

Also, I'd love to hear/read how P&P movie have played in your lives in other ways, perhaps in your family relationships, school/work, listening to the soundtrack and have it played at your or your daughter's wedding, if you ever had a P&P birthday theme party or wedding, if you wore a P&P inspired costume at a Ball or this past Halloween, if you have quoted lines from the movie with your family and friends (I'm sure you've done that...I know I have and I'm not the only one), if you had traveled and visited England (after seeing this movie, like I did...see my My first European trip (September 2010) and My First European Trip (part 2) as well as my Photos: Chatsworth House and Haddon Hall as Pride & Prejudice's Pemberley and Inn at Lambton (P&P/Derbyshire filming locations)) to see the P&P Filming Locations (ie. visiting Pemberley aka Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, Longbourn aka Groombridge's Place in Kent, Netherfield Park aka Basildon Park in Berkshire, etc.) or other areas in your lives (ie. writing a fan letter to your favorite P&P actors like I did with Matthew and Rosamund and got the following: A lovely surprise from Mr. Macfadyen on my mailbox! and A lovely and unexpected reply from Miss Rosamund Pike!). I'm sure one (or all) of these things relate to any of you, that's what made this film so memorable, unforgettable, universally loved and acknowledged. 

So, if you're a big fan of this movie, please send me your story and share your ardent love for this 2005 Pride & Prejudice adaptation, it deserves to have its moment in the spotlight here. Don't be shy, if you have found this fan blog dedicated to your favorite movie and its Facebook fan page: Devoted Fans of Pride & Prejudice (2005) movie, its Twitter and Instagram social media accounts. Well you know, you've come to the right place and will meet (or have already met) fellow fans from around the world who share your love, appreciation, and obsession of this same movie. This P&P film wasn't just a huge success for JW, cast & crew, made over $121 Million box office gross worldwide, received rave reviews from film critics and audiences alike, scored 4 Oscars (including Best Actress Nomination for Miss Knightley's Elizabeth Bennet performance), 2 Golden Globe, and BAFTA nominations...for nothing, because this film adaptation of Austen's 202-year-old timeless masterpiece has been something for a decade now that is unforgettable, relatable, inspiring, magical, and one of those movies that (if you're a huge fan like me) you love watching and it never gets old in your viewing no matter how many times you've seen it. So, feel free to send me your P&P addiction stories here and share it with fellow fans. It can either be a short or long story. 

As aforementioned, I'm launching here a series of P&P fan addiction stories. I'll collect your stories and featured them here on this blog weekly or bi-monthly. Of course, I'll only be able to post them here, depending if I received any story or stories from you. Let's see how many devoted fans of this movie will proudly confess their love and appreciation for this beautiful movie.

To SUBMIT your stories, please contact me, comment or message me (via facebook), tweet me or DM (direct message me if we're following each other) on Twitter or leave a comment on this post. Thank You.



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