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Pride & Prejudice (2005) movie from A to Z

Our P&P (2005) movie's 10th Year Anniversary event here continues...

I previously posted about this 7 years ago here: P&P From A-Z, but I thought I'd update it (edited with images) in a new post here, this time all about Pride & Prejudice (2005) movie, FYE and for the nostalgia. I got a bit creative on the letters X and Z.

Here's P&P (2005) Movie from A-Z...

Anne de Bourgh, Another Dance, Arrival at Netherfield, Apple (Mrs. Bennet was holding in one if the scenes), Accomplished women
Bennet family, Bennet sisters, Bennet (Mr. & Mrs.), Bingley (Mr.), Brenda Blethyn, Burghley House (Rosings Park), Betsey, boiled potatoes, BAFTA nominated film (6 nominations including a win for a director Joe Wright), Basildon Park (Netherfield Park), Berkshire (filming location), Bakewell (filming location, bewitched
Chatsworth, Chatsworth House, Carey Mulligan, Charles Bingley, Caroline Bingley, Collins (Mr.), Charlotte Lucas, carriage, Can't Slow Down, candles, Credits (score), Cornelius Booth (Colonel Fitzwilliam), Claudie Blakley, Carl Foreman Award (BAFTA award for director Joe Wright), countryside
Darcy (Mr.), Darcy's bust, Darcy's Letter, Dancing, Drawing Room, Dawn (score), Dinner at Rosings, Deborah Moggach (Screenplay), Dario Marianelli (Composer), Derbyshire, Donald Sutherland, "Do you draw?" (Lady Catherine quote)

Elizabeth Bennet, Emma Thompson (uncredited additional/revised script, special thanks), "Enchanted Lieutenant" (Wickham quote),  "Everybody behave naturally" (Mrs. Bennet quote), Eric Fellner (producer), (The) English Chamber Orchestra, English countryside, England
Fitzwiliam Darcy, (Colonel) Fitzwilliam, Family trait (Bennet family), First Impressions (title of book Elizabeth was reading in the opening scene of the movie), "fond of walking" (Elizabeth Bennet quote), Focus Features (distributor), footman, fresh air, First Proposal, "Forgive me, Madam, for taking up so much of your time" (Darcy quote)
Georgiana (score), Georgiana Darcy, Gardiner (Mr. & Mrs.), Golden Globe nominated film (2 nominations including Best Actress for Miss Knightley), grand staircase (Chatsworth), gentleman, Groombridge Place (Longbourn), "Good heavens. People." (Mr. Bennet quote)
Hertfordshire, Hunsford, Haddon Hall (Inn at Lambton), Hill (Mr. & Mrs.), "Headstrong, foolish child!" (Mrs. Bennet quote), hands, "Heaven and Earth..." (Lady Catherine quote), horseback
I Love You. Most Ardently. (Darcy quote), "I love, I love, I Love You." (Darcy quote, "I do like him. I love him." (Elizabeth Bennet quote), Inn at Lambton, "I cannot accept you!" (Elizabeth Bennet's quote), "I don't understand" (Elizabeth Bennet's quote)
Jane Austen (author of Pride and Prejudice novel this 2005 movie was adapted from), Jane Bennet, Jena Malone, Joe Wright (director), Jina Jay (casting director), Jacqueline Durran (costume designer), Jean-Yves Thibaudet (pianist), Jane Gibson (choreographer), Janet Whiteside (Mrs. Hill), Jay Simpson (Meryton Milliner)
Keira Knightley, Kitty Bennet, Kelly Reilly, Kate Spencer (set decorator), Kent (filming location)
Longbourn, Lambton, Lizzie/Lizzy Bennet, Lydia Bennet, Liz On Top of the World, Lucas lodge, Lucas family, (The) Living Sculptures of Pemberley, Leaving Netherfield, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Lincolnshire (filming location), London
Matthew Macfadyen, Mary Bennet, Meryton, Meryton Ball, Meryton Village, Meryton Townhall, matrimony, marriage proposals, (The) Militia Marches In, Mrs. Darcy (American ending), Matlock,
Moya Brady (Lambton Maid), Meg Wynn Owen (Mrs. Reynolds), Misty fields (second proposal scene), Milliner Shop
Netherfield Ball, Netherfield Butler, Netherfield Hall, nonsensical
Only the deepest love will persuade me into matrimony (Elizabeth Bennet quote), "Oh, happy day!" (Mrs. Bennet quote), "Oh, dear. I cannot tease you about that..." (Elizabeth Bennet quote), Oscar nominated film (4 Oscar nominations including Best Actress nomination for Keira Knightley)
Pride & Prejudice (2005 movie), Pemberley, (A) Postcard To Henry Purcell, Paul Webster (producer), Paul Tothill (editor), painted hall (Chatsworth House), Penelope Wilton, Peter Wight, Pip Torrens (Netherfield Butler), pianoforte, Peak District
Quizzical Brow (as in Darcy's "quizzical brow" in which Miss Elizabeth asked her friend Charlotte, "and the person with the quizzical brow?"), "Quite well, thank you" (Darcy quote)
Rosamund Pike, Rosamund Stephens (Anne de Bourgh), Rev. Collins (aka Mr. Collins), Rupert Friend, Reynolds (Mrs.), ribbons, Roy Holder (Mr. Hill), Rosings, Rosings Park, Rain (first proposal) scene, "Ring the Bell, Kitty." (Mrs. Bennet quote), romantic
Sculpture Gallery, Stourhead Gardens (Salisbury; filming location), (The) Secret Life of Daydreams, Stars and Butterflies, Sylvester Morrand (Sir William Lucas), Sinead Matthews (Betsey),  Second Proposal (Darcy), Studio Canal (associate production partner), Scion Films (associate production partner), Simon Woods, swing montage, Sisterly affection, Stamford (Meryton village), Stanage Edge (Lizzie standing on precipice at Peak District)
Temple of the Apollo (first proposal scene), Talulah Riley, Tamzin Merchant, Tom Hollander, Tim Bevan (producer), Tenth year anniversary (2005-2015), "Thank you for explaining so fully..." (Darcy quote), "Thank the Lord for that..." (Mrs. Bennet quote), turn about the room
US Ending scene, UK ending scene, Universal Pictures (International distributor), UK (filming locations)
Very accomplished young woman as in Georgiana Darcy, "Very well then" (Georgiana Darcy quote), "...Violence of my affection" (Mr. Collins quote), vanity
Wickham, (Sir) William Lucas), Working Title Films (production company), "We are all fools in love" (Charlotte Lucas quote), Wilton House (Pemberley interior), Wiltshire (filming location), Weekley (Northampshire; Mr. Collins' vicarage), wealthy bachelors, "Why ever not?" (Jane Bennet quote)
Xcellent boiled potatoes (without "e" on purpose...Mr. Collins' quote), "(e)Xtraordinary" (Mrs. Bennet quote), (e)Xemplary vegetable
You have bewitched me body and soul (Darcy quote), "Your hands Are Cold" (score and Elizabeth Bennet's quote), "Yes, a thousand times, YES!" (Jane Bennet quote)
Zinger (meaning a sharp, pointed witty remark, or quick retort) as in Lizzie Bennet makes a clever, zinger replies to Darcy's comments and to his aunt, Lady Catherine.



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