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Close To Nature – Fashion Inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice

It’s hard for me not to think of Pride & Prejudice (2005) and not think of how the cinematography, particularly the scenes of nature influence my enjoyment of this film.The imagery is lush and the locations are sumptuous. After all, what is a Jane Austen adaptation without landscapes playing a major role? The influence of her garden and the surrounding fields of the English terrain are evident in her writing of the outdoors.
Elizabeth-Darcy-pride-and-prejudice-1870 by norika21, on Flickr
In Jane’s world, women of that time were largely confined to their homes and carriages. To Austen herself, as well as her fictional heroines, the most pleasant and significant moments of life were spent not inside but striding out. Walking moves the body freely, increasing the character’s ability to see and experience the world literally on her own two feet. Walking similarly moves the events of Austen's plots forward, underlining progression and transformation.

Legions of fans find inspiration in her daring heroines, that have a bit of rebellion and girl power. Come on, how could Elizabeth Bennet not be at the top of the list? Conventional young English ladies did not go traipsing about the countryside alone, but Elizabeth did!
I considered a way to pay homage to Lizzy Bennet’s independent spirit while incorporating one of my favorite subjects…fashion; mother nature was definitely the catalyst for my creative inspiration. It is a challenge incorporating elements of Pride and Prejudice into modern style without the interpretation resembling a costume. So I assembled contemporary looks that bear a whimsical likeness to Elizabeth’s unique nature.

Before I share the fashion collection, I want to expound upon Elizabeth’s connection with the outdoors and what it represents. In Jane Austen’s novels, location and setting are just as vital as dialogue, characters, and courtship to the overall plot. A particular pattern in Pride and Prejudice suggests a subtle balance between what occurs indoors versus outdoors in relationship to the heroine.

In the novel, it would be difficult not to notice that the more pleasurable experiences that offer her contentment and autonomy take place outdoors. She is comfortable in this setting; defining a space of her own. It shows her determination and embodies her lively, independent personality. Besides her quickness, intelligence and talent for conversation; her impetuous activity and love of the outdoors are also attributes that attract the hero. With her face glowing from the warmth of exercise, Mr. Darcy would have to have been blind not to recognize Elizabeth’s sensuality, and let’s not forget, her fine eyes.
Notably, when the path to the couple’s understanding is set in motion they do not come face to face within the walls of Pemberley, but rather outside surrounded by natural beauty. The estate is overflowing with stunning, spacious grounds where Elizabeth can roam and will eventually become its mistress. The final scene of reconciliation and Darcy’s heartfelt second proposal both, not surprisingly, happen outdoors. With all of their former prejudices resolved, Elizabeth and Darcy are finally able to unite and nature serves as the backdrop to their professions of love.

And now for an outpouring of nature à la Jane Austen, perhaps it will inspire you to finds ways to add a bit of the outdoors into your wardrobe. Shall we take a turn about the garden?

© Natasha Shubrick is P&P Blog guest blogger/contributor. She loves all things Jane and is a devoted fan of the 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice.

Close To Nature

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  1. Hi Natasha. Another great post! I loved and enjoyed reading it. :)

    Also, loved your P&P inspired fashion collection. Thanks for sharing them here. Looking forward to your next post! ;)


  2. Thanks so much Jeane! I appreciate your kind words and assistance. This post was a lot of fun to work on...how could it not be? After all, the theme combined two of my favorite subjects, Pride & Prejudice and Fashion!!! I thank you for providing both the platform and opportunity! Now on to the next post… :)

  3. You're very welcome, Natasha. ;)


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