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Pride & Prejudice 2015 [Unofficial] Calendar

Dear Pride & Prejudice Fans and Blog readers, I've started making an unofficial (fan made) P&P Calendar since 2012...mostly to share with fellow devoted P&P movie fans on Facebook, there wasn't any official P&P movie calendar made when this movie was released almost a decade ago. So, I thought I'd make [a yearly] one, just for fun and for my own personal use as well as to share with other P&P fans to enjoy. These are, as I said, unofficial and only meant for your own personal use and pleasure. So, it's free and my gift for you (especially for this movie's 10th year anniversary this year) to use in your room or office room, wherever you want to place them in your house. I've added extra images for some months that features Keira/Lizzie, Rosamund/Jane, and Matthew/Darcy...so you can pick the ones you want to save and print for yourself (or you can save them all, feel free to do so on your own). Hope you like them. All images/photos courtesy of Working Title Films, Focus Features, Universal Pictures, and Getty Images. I do not own any of them nor am I selling them. These are just for fun and for your own personal use.

Here they are for your own pleasure...

Pride & Prejudice [unofficial] Calendar

January (2015)

February (2015)

March (2015)

April (2015)

May (2015)

June (2015)

July (2015)

August (2015)

September (2015)

October (2015)

November (2015)

December (2015)
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