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Sunday, September 8, 2013

TV Casting News: Tom Hollander to star as Dylan Thomas in Andrew Davies BBC Drama 'A Poet in New York'

Tom Hollander is going to be playing Dylan Thomas in Andrew Davies' (best known screenplay writer of BBC's Pride and Prejudice 1995 TV mini-series starring Colin Firth, Little Dorrit TV mini-series starring Matthew Macfadyen, Doctor Zhivago TV mini-series starring Keira Knightley, and Bridget Jones 1 & 2 movies to name a few of his many notable TV and film work) new BBC One Wales and BBC Two drama A Poet in New York, according to Deadline.

Here's part of the Deadline article...

Tom Hollander Plays Dylan Thomas
Tom Hollander Stars As Dylan Thomas In Andrew Davies Drama
Tom Hollander (Rev, Any Human Heart) will play Dylan Thomas in the one-off drama A Poet In New York by Andrew Davies’ (Mr Selfridge). Modern Television is producing for the BBC to mark the centenary of Thomas’ birth. The story kicks off with the Welsh poet’s arrival in Manhattan on his fatal visit and covers the last days of his life as well as his stormy relationship with wife Caitlin. Essie Davis, Ewen Bremner and Phoebe Fox also star. Shooting is underway, with the drama due to air on BBC One Wales and BBC Two next year.

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