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Must-See TV & films 2013 for P&P Actors

It's the New Year! You know what that means, right? New year, new movies to look forward to from our favorite P&P actors! Here are a  list of some P&P '05 alumni with a new movie or TV series starting this Winter/Spring through Summer/Fall (from January to December) of 2013.

But first...

Last year (in 2012), about 8 films (Anna Karenina, The Hunger Games, Wrath of the Titans, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Flight, Skyfall, In Our Nature, Jack Reacher) starring/co-starring P&P '05 actors were released in theaters. Looks Like 2013 have less films (at least 5) scheduled to be released from our favorite P&P actors from the 2005 film. Last year, there was a P&P reunion with the main leads Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen along with their director Joe Wright (and some P&P crew) in the  film adaptation of Anna Karenina. This year, we have another P&P reunion, Donald Sutherland and Jena Malone are co-starring in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (sequel to the mega box office hit The Hunger Games, which Donald co-starred last year). Catching Fire is the third film they are appearing together (and they might possibly co-star again for the third and fourth installment of The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay [Part 1] and [Part 2]). They previously co-starred in Cold Mountain and Pride & Prejudice films.

Keira Knightley has two new films, Can A Song Save Your Life? and Jack Ryan set to be released this year. Matthew Macfadyen has Ripper Street (TV mini-series) to currently showing in the UK's BBCOne and will premiere this month in the US on BBC America (January 19th). Rosamund Pike has two new films this year, but only one with a set release date, which is Edgar Wright's The World's End. has two TV/film projects this year, Belle (not sure if this is a TV movie or feature film) and Season 3 of Downton Abbey, which will finally premiere in the US this coming Sunday, January 6th, on PBS Masterpiece!  Kelly Reilly has about 4 films including Chinese Puzzle (reprising her Wendy character for the third time, which she started with L'Auberge Espagnole and Russian Dolls). Not too mention, there might be a possible third Sherlock Holmes film that she might reprise another role with Jude Law and Robert Downey, Jr., but no news update on that at the moment and Ice Princess, which she reportedly signed (according to this Screen Daily article) on and will start filming in next month, February and March of this year

Talulah Riley has a few new films: In A World... (which she confirmed on twitter) that is in dramatic competition in this month's Sundance Film Festival, White Frog, and The Liability. Jena Malone, in addition to the much anticipated of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, she has a few more films slated for a possible 2013 release: Lonely Hunter, A Doll's House, and 10 Cent Pistol. Tamzin Merchant has a two TV/film projects: Murder in the Homefront and Copenhagen. Carey Mulligan has The Great Gatsby, which was pushed back to this year (May 10th) instead of its original set release date: Christmas Day 2012. She has two more upcoming films: Inside Llewyn Davis and Hold On To Me. And Tom Hollander has three new films: About Time,The Invisible Woman, and Byzantium. His Rev. series has been renewed for a third season, but won't return until 2014, due to Tom and his co-stars busy filming (their individual films) schedules.

Plus more P&P 05 actors with new films for this year, 2013 (and 2014) not mention above or listed here (too many to list), but these ones are the ones you'll be hearing/reading here the most!

Anyway, mark your calendar (for U.S. fans) as here are a list (thus far) of the following (Note: release dates are subject to change) ...

U.S. Release Dates for P&P 2005 Actors' 2013 Films
In theaters (2013)
»  About Time - 5.10.13 (Tom Hollander co-stars)
» The Great Gatsby - 5.10.13 (Carey Mulligan co-stars) 
» The World's End - 10.25.13 (Rosamund Pike co-stars)  
» The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - 11.22.13 (Donald Sutherland and Jena Malone co-star)
» Jack Ryan - 12.25.13 - (Keira Knightley co-stars)

On TV (2013) on PBS Masterpiece Classic channel (USA)...
» Downton Abbey () - Season 3 premieres on PBS Masterpiece January 6, 2013 (Episodes 1-7 airs from January 6 - February 17, 2013)
Isobel Crawley
Episode #3.8 (2012) … Isobel Crawley
Episode #3.7 (2012) … Isobel Crawley
Episode #3.6 (2012) … Isobel Crawley
Episode #3.5 (2012) … Isobel Crawley
» Ripper Street (TV Series; 2013) (Matthew Macfadyen stars) - premieres December 30, 2012 on BBC One and on January 19, 2013 on BBC America
Detective Inspector Edmund Reid
 » Homeland (TV Series; Season 3) - (2013) on Showtime - (Rupert Friend co-stars)
Peter Quinn
The Choice (2012) … Peter Quinn
In Memoriam (2012) … Peter Quinn
Broken Hearts (2012) … Peter Quinn
Two Hats (2012) … Peter Quinn
I'll Fly Away (2012) … Peter Quinn

Other TBA films slated for a possible early/late 2013 and 2014 releases...
- Untouched (2013) - Keira Knightley    

- Can a Song Save Your Life? - Keira Knightley

- Violet Town (2014) - Rosamund Pike
- Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014) - Rosamund Pike
- A Long Way Down (2013) - Rosamund Pike
In a World... (2013) - Talulah Riley  
- White Frog (2013) - Talulah Riley  

- The Liability (2013) - Talulah Riley 
- Lonely Hunter (2013) - Jena Malone  
- A Doll's House (2013) - Jena Malone         
10 Cent Pistol - Jena Malone
- Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)  - Carey Mulligan

- Hold on to Me - Carey Mulligan
- Vera (TV series) (Season 3 in 2013) - Brenda Blethyn
- Mary & Martha (TV movie) (2013) - Brenda Blethyn
Chinese Puzzle (2013) - Kelly Reilly
Calvary (2013) - Kelly Reilly 
Innocence (2013) - Kelly Reilly 
- A Single Shot (2013) - Kelly Reilly  
Meet Me in Montenegro (2013) - Rupert Friend
- Renee (2013) - Rupert Friend
- The Haunted (2013) - Rupert Friend 
The Invisible Woman (2013) - Tom Hollander 
- Byzantium (2013) - Tom Hollander
- Rev. (TV series; Season 3) (2014) - Tom Hollander
Stainless Steel (2012) - Judi Dench, Tamzin Merchant
Jappeloup (2013) - Donald Sutherland 
Crossing Lines (TV series) (2013) - Donald Sutherland  
The Best Offer (2013) - Donald Sutherland
- Philomena (2014) - Judi Dench
- Belle (2013) - Penelope Wilton
- The Look of Love (2013) - Peter Wight
- Murder on the Home Front (TV movie) (2013) - Tamzin Merchant
- Copenhagen (2013) - Tamzin Merchant 



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