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Movie Casting News: Kelly Reilly to reprise her role from 'L'Auberge Espagnole' and 'Russian Dolls' for the third time in 'Chinese Puzzle'

Just found out that Kelly Reilly is reprising her Wendy role that she had started from L'Auberge Espagnole (2002) (aka The Spanish Apartment). The title of the new film is Chinese Puzzle (Casse Tête Chinois), the follow up and third installment to Cédric Klapisch's trilogy, which started in  L'Auberge Espagnole (2002) and Russian Dolls (2005). Oh, I'm very glad for this new movie as I've seen the previous two films and they were very good and that means Kelly Reilly's Wendy character would definitely be back (as after what happened to Russian Dolls, I've wondered what was next for the characters and if the filmmakers would make another one...though it's been several years since that movie was released). So yeah, glad they're doing another one. I loved Kelly's Wendy character since the first movie and though she wasn't a central character in the first film, she turned out to one on the second one with Romain Duris' main character Xavier character. Loved them as unexpected couple (Xavier & Wendy) in Russian Dolls. Looking forward to seeing Kelly in this movie! It'll be released in France on October 16th, 2013. Let's hope there's a US release too.
So, it's only natural to see them back together again in the third one as the main characters/couple. Here's the official press release from StudioCanal (who partnered with Working Title Films and Focus Features for Pride & Prejudice movie...see their catalog here, which features P&P). They started filming in New York City last September. France and China will be the other two locations.
StudioCanal announce the beginning of the shooting of Cédric Klapisch’s new film, Casse Tête Chinois (a.k.a Chinese Puzzle) last September.

8 years after Russian Dolls, Cédric Klapisch is about to shoot the 3rd part of his trilogy, to be released in cinemas in France on October 16th 2013. After Barcelona for L’auberge Espagnole, London and St-Petersburg for Russian Dolls, Cédric Klapisch this time will take his characters to New York City and Paris. This 3rd opus will give Romain Duris, Audrey Tautou, Cécile de France, Kelly Reilly, the cast whose adventures marked an entire generation, the chance to meet again.

Synopsis: Xavier (Romain Duris) is 40. Father of a family, he still finds his life very complicated. As Wendy, the mother of his 2 children, moves to New York City, Xavier cannot imagine living far away from the kids. So he decides to go there too and will face a real Chinese puzzle…
You can follow Cédric Klapisch on Twitter (his tweets are mostly in French though...)
as he's been posting on set and filming photos via his Instagram account...I found a few of them with Kelly in her Wendy character.

Check them out below courtesy of Cédric Klapish via instagram...

Chinese Puzzle New York set photos
featuring Kelly Reilly as Wendy
 (source: courtesy of Cédric Klapish via instagram)



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