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Film Location Tours: visit BBC's Pride and Prejudice and ITV's Downton Abbey filming locations

PandP Tours is organizing several tours on the locations of BBC’s Pride and Prejudice (starring ) and Downton Abbey ( co-stars) in 2013.

The site offers both public and private tours, and main tours for the P&P '95 and Downton Abbey filming locations, which you can download their iteneraries here.

Your tour guides are production expert Helen Porter, and Hazel Jones, who is an acclaimed authority on Jane Austen and the Regency period.

  • PRIDE & PREJUDICE; Stay in some of the film locations
  • See the lake where Mr Darcy dived, and his beautiful grounds at Pemberley
A tour of Downton Abbey, which they offer these exciting extras:

  • Visit Downton Place, and Maggie Smith’s home
  • See Highclere exterior
  • Have lunch in the village of Highclere
  • Visit inside a real home in Downton village and buy memorabilia
  • Visit the farm where Edith had her fist kiss, and the villages where Mary and Edith chased after Sybil
  • Visit the pub where Bates worked after release from prison
Jane Austen tours and Downton Abbey tours are their specialty.

Also, under Tours and Dates features Pride & Prejudice 2005 film location, with a 2-day tour:

2005 Pride & Prejudice
TBA April
We are planning a 2 day tour to key locations from the 2005 movie version including Netherfield, Longbourn and the temple where Darcy proposed to Lizzie in the rain. Email us for details.
Plus, they offer an Elite Chauffeur Services, their elite tour service for escorted tours is bespoke and tailored to YOU. It is ideal for a solo traveler or for two.

Check out and visit the website for more info. about both tours, the itineraries and general news: PAND P TOURS. You can also follow them on TWITTER (note: their link to twitter doesn't seem to work...) and FACEBOOK.



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