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Short Films: 'Steve' starring Colin Firth and Keira Knightley and 'Friend Request Pending' starring Judi Dench in theaters this month!

Two short films (starring Pride & Prejudice actors) opening in theaters through Stars in Shorts later this month, starting on September 28th!

Judi Dench is a neophyte in the complicated landscape of internet dating in “Friend Request Pending.” is an unusually needy neighbor to Keira Knightley and Tom Mison in “Steve” (directed by Rupert Friend).

The STARS IN SHORTS release will open in theaters throughout the US and Canada beginning September 28th and will continue to expand in the following weeks. A list of participating theaters are available by clicking on the DATES & LOCATIONS.

Together with the theatrical run, these great films films will be available on iTunes Stores in 54 countries across the globe and on Pay Per View beginning October 9th.

Check out the trailers, stills, and more info for these two short films below...

UK / 16 mins
Director(s): RUPERT FRIEND
Starring: Colin Firth, Keira Knightley, Tom Mison
 (source: Stars in Shorts)
(source: Empire Online)
STEVE is a story about a man (Colin Firth) who came for tea...

Watch the Steve trailer

UK / 12 mins
 (source: Stars in Shorts)
Director(s): CHRIS FOGGIN
Starring: Judi Dench, Penny Ryder, Philip Jackson, Tom Hiddleston

FRIEND REQUEST PENDING is a short comedy drama about the mature generation dating in our modern social networking world. It’s a tale of love but more importantly life long friendship. The twelve-minute tale tells the story of Mary (Judi Dench) and Linda (Penny Ryder) who spend an afternoon discussing the pleasures, pitfalls and problems with using social networking to try and woo the local choirmaster Trevor (Philip Jackson).

Watch the trailer for Friend Request Pending

Apparently, the full (12 minutes) short film for this is available to view on youtube! It's very good and funny...Wow, Dame Judi Dench (as Mary) tweeting, instant messaging, online dating, and saying LOL and OMG...hilarious...LOL!

Watch it below (while it's still available!)...

(source: )



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