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Movie Casting News: Jena Malone cast as a female lead in new indie film 'The Go-Getters'

According to Deadline, Jena Malone has joined the cast (as Danneel Dobson) of a new indie film titled The Go-Getters. Interesting, I had to re-read the title 'cause at first I thought it was a typo, lol...Well, the funny thing was that I remember she was in another indie film with the same title with Zooey Deschanel. I checked out her IMDB profile's filmography just to be sure and sure enough, she was in another indie film back in 2007 of almost similar title: The Go-Getter (sans the "s"). That one was a road trip film though, but still it has a similar title with this new indie film she just signed on...

Anyway, here's more info. of Jena's new indie film (via Deadline)...
Jena Malone Joins ‘The Go Getters’
Jena Malone has joined the cast of the indie film The Go Getters. Malone, who recently starred in the cable ratings-record breaking Hatfields & McCoys, will play the female lead in the LA noir thriller, a struggling actress who gets caught up in a heist planned by two underworld brothers. The Go Getters is directed by Michael C. Martin. Matt Tauber, Damon Alexander, JT Alexander and Andy Hyde of Route 17 Entertainment are producing. Malone, who starred in Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch in 2011, is repped by Gersh and attorney Bob Wallerstein.



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