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Rosamund Pike News Galore: More New 'Wrath Of The Titans' movie stills, Wrath London Premiere, Total Film Magazine scans and article, new release date for 'One Shot' film with Tom Cruise, and more!

Rosamund Pike's upcoming film, Wrath of the Titans is fast approaching and opening in theaters nationwide in just 16 days from today! Lots of new production stills including some of Rosamund as warrior Queen Andromeda (which you can see above and below) from the film has been released by Warner Bros. Pictures via Collider here: Nearly 40 Hi-Res Images from WRATH OF THE TITANS

Rosamund co-stars with Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Bill Nighy, Toby Kebbell, and Edgar Ramirez.

See the film and Experience it in IMAX 3D, Real 3D and 3D March 30th!

Check out 8 new Wrath of the Titans images of RP as Andromeda with co-stars, the London premiere for the film, RP's Total Film Magazine scans/article, and a new release date for her upcoming film, One Shot (all in one post here) and more below...

First, Rosamund is scheduled to attend the London Premiere of Wrath of the Titans on March 29th, according to an article via Coventry Telegraph
Liam Neeson, Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes, Rosamund Pike coming to London for Wrath of the Titans premiere

THE MIGHTY deities of Greek mythology will be deserting Olympus and Tartarus for a day to storm the red carpet at the European premiere of Wrath of the Titans.

Warner Bros is presenting the premiere at the BFI IMAX, London - the UK's biggest screen - on Thursday, March 29. Attending are stars Liam Neeson, Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes, Rosamund Pike and Toby Kebbell, along with director Jonathan Liebesman.

Wrath of the Titans is released in 3D, 3D IMAX and 2D on March 30.
Wrath of the Titans production stills featuring
Rosamund Pike as Queen Andromeda
 [source: Warner Bros. Pictures | Collider]
UPDATE: Four new TV Spots has just been released as well...Watch them all here: TV Spot 7 | TV Spot 8 | TV Spot 9 | TV Spot 10 (featuring Rosamund Pike's Andromeda)

(source: )
More TV Spots previously posted below...

Plus, I've scanned and transcribed here the Total Film Magazine's Rosamund Pike Wrath of the Titans article/interview [from the March 2012 issue with Wrath of the Titans star Sam Worthington on the cover for the film's cover story and behind the scenes info!] and her photo below...

Rosamund Pike
Taking On Monsters And Cruise: Hail The New Queen of Action...

It's the day after the Wrath Of The Titans trailer has gone live. "Have you watched it?" Rosamund Pike asks Total Film. "It looks really exciting."

This is no PR spin. The London-born actress is "genuinely" stocked to get the chance to prove her mettle as an action heroine. Last time we looked, Andromeda was played by Alexa Davalos as little more than a sacrificial morsel for the Kraken -- before Perseus' intervention. But Pike demanded more if she were to take over the role.

"My big thing was 'What would you do 10 years ago if you had to be rescued by the guy you really fancied?' You'd make damn sure you never had to be rescued again!" she says. Now, the Queen of Argos, Pike plays Andromeda as a strong figurehead, a decision director Jonathan Liebesman gave her full backing on. "He was mentioning Braveheart a lot. I was thinking Sophie Marceau, but he was like, 'No, Mel Gibson!"

Pike may not be covered with blue war paint but this genteel middle-class daughter of two opera singers has fire in her belly, a trait she easily transmit to her character. "I think people will like her," she suggests. "I'm hoping there's a female audience for this movie, because she's fucking cool. It's made me want to go out there and find other roles as strong. It might be romantic, but girls are too willing to be rescued by fellas."

Not that Pike, who turns 33 this month, puts herself in that category. A decade since making her film debut as Miranda Frost in Bond film Die Another Day, she's spent the intervening years doing exactly what's not expected of her. Having long since melted that ice queen Bond image thanks particularly to her goofy turn in An Education, she's gone from paying her bodice-ripping dues in Pride & Prejudice and The Libertine to playing second fiddle to The Rock in Doom.

Then came Barney's Version, in which she starred as the object of lust for Paul Giamatti's TV producer. "I think I grew up a bit making that film. It was the start of getting lead roles, which is a turning point." Already she's reaping the benefits - from Jack Black/Steve Martin comedy The Big Year to the just-lensed Chris McQuarrie-directed thriller One Shot. Pike plays a legal eagle to Tom Cruise's homicide investigator.

"It feels like an exciting time," she admits. "I think Wrath game me a lot of confidence." In particular, sculpting her body to become warrior-like. "You're having to get fit and watch your nutrition... it's like turning yourself into a sportsman or a racehorse." Enduring injuries, she even tore her calf ligaments but carried on. "I threw myself into this. I threw myself into Bond, but this was more of a total experience."

Her role in One Shot, which she compares to The French Connection and Hitchcock's thrillers, is "more cerebral", with the action left to the Cruiser. Pike may be the model professional, but even she marvelled at working with the star. "He is a face I've grown up with. I remember lying on my tummy watching Top Gun," she giggles. "He's such a fantastic action star. It's most impressive to sit back and watch him do his thing. Tom can do all his own driving stunts. Literally, all of them."

But she refused to get overawed, as she did with Bond. "I was so awestruck with Pierce [Brosnan] and Judi [Dench], because I didn't have that ease with them. One of the worst things you can on a set is be awestruck. You don't serve you or the film well. So that's what I seek out now: a good actor is a free and relaxed actor."

One Shot opens in February 2013. [Total Film Magazine article and image. Scans and text transcribed by Jeane of P&P Blog]

Speaking of One Shot, looks like its original US theater release date has just moved up (via Box Office Mojo) from February 8th, 2013 to December 21st, 2012!

In what looks like a big release schedule shake up at Paramount  Pictures, they decided to give World War Z (starring Brad Pitt) spot to Tom Cruise's One Shot. World War Z is now set for June 21st, 2013.

Yay, this is great news (and hope this release date sticks) as I want to see the One Shot movie by  the end of this year and not next year. Another year (since 2009: Surrogates, An Education; 2010: Made in Dagenham, Barney's Version [Canada] release, Jackboots on Whitehall [Animated]; 2011: Barney's Version [USA release], Burning Palms, Johnny English Reborn, and The Big Year) with more than one RP movies (this year 2012: Wrath of the Titans and One Shot)! Go RP!

One Shot
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