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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Watch: BBC One - Comic Relief 2007 - Mr. Bean attends a Wedding featuring Matthew Macfadyen

Check out and watch this hilarious BBC One - Comic Relief 2007 - Mr Bean's Wedding video (which, interestingly, I've never seen before!) featuring our dear Matthew Macfadyen as Daniel, the groom to Michelle Ryan's (Bionic Woman, Mansfield Park 2007) Kate, the bride of the wedding ceremony that Mr. Bean attended and randomly interrupted the ceremony, lol... :-D Enjoy!

Thanks to Only Darcy (via facebook) for sharing the link. Screen captures featuring MM will be added here shortly! is up now! Check them out!

Watch the hilarious video below...

(source: )

BBC One - Comic Relief 2007 Screen Captures
featuring Matthew Macfadyen

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