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Casting News: Rupert Friend gets into 'The Haunted' while Rosamund Pike is testing to get cast in 'One Shot' with Tom Cruise

In two interesting casting news this weekend, Rupert Friend in The Haunted and Rosamund Pike in One Shot...

First, we have Rupert Friend, who is set to star in Intandem Films' The Haunted, a blend of psychological thriller with supernatural. Rupert will co-star with Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) in the lead. No info yet of what role Rupert will play. Based on the synopsis, I'm guessing he could be playing the ghost tormenting Kurylenko's character or another character. Hmm, It would be interesting to see if he was the former, lol. The Haunted is currently in pre-production with 2012 the likely completion date. 

Here's a lil' more info about the film including synopsis (via The Film Catalogue)

Recently widowed Audrey moves to a small village in the English countryside. She soon discovers the old house she is renting is not as empty as she thought... Her presence has awakened a spirit. Yet she decides to stay, and through the unusual friendship she strikes with the apparition, she begins getting over her grief. But is the ghost benign or malevolent? And is he real, or the product of her fractured mind?

Completion Year: 2012.
Director: Axelle Carolyn.
Cast: Olga Kurylenko, and Rupert Friend.

  The Film Catalogue 

In other film casting news...

According to Hollywood Reporter, Rosamund Pike (along with The Pillars of the Earth, Any Human Heart, and Captain America's Hayley Atwell and Clash of the Titans' Alexa Davalos, whose Princess Andromeda has been replaced by Rosamund in the sequel of Clash of the Titans 2, now titled: Wrath of the Titans, which will be released March 30th, 2012) is reportedly screen testing and vying for a female lead role opposite Tom Cruise in one of his upcoming films, One Shot. Will Rosamund get the One Shot part? Best of luck to her! We'll find out soon, if she gets the part or not...

For now, read the THR article for more info...
Tom Cruise's 'One Shot': Three Actresses Testing to Play His Leading Lady (Exclusive)

Tom Cruise may find his latest leading lady this weekend. 

Cruise is gearing up to make One Shot, a Paramount-Skydance adaptation of a 2005 Lee Child crime thriller. Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote Cruise's Valkyrie movie, penned the script and is directing

On Saturday, McQuarrie and the studio were reading at least three actresses for the female lead: Hayley Atwell, Alexa Davalos and Rosamund Pike.

Atwell is best known to US audiences as the female lead opposite Chris Evans in Captain America.
Davalos last appeared in Clash of the Titans as Andromeda and counts Defiance, The Mist and The Chronicles of Riddick amongst her credits.
Pike drew acclaim for her work in the British movie Made in Dagenham and Barney’s Version. She also appeared with Carey Mulligan in An Education 

One Shot
centers on a Jack Reacher, an ex-Army cop who gets sucked into the mystery surrounding the arrest of a sniperaccused of killing five random people in a shooting. The female role is that of tough lawyer and daughter of the discrict attorney.

 The studio is eyeing a fall shoot in Pittsburgh. Paramount had no comment.
Speaking of Rosamund Pike, there's another film that isn't listed on her IMDB profile, which this article has mentioned her to co-star with Samuel L. Jackson and Kristin Scott Thomas in "Running Wild."

Here's part of the RP mention:

He (Director Kevin Kerslake) is currently attached to direct J.G. Ballard's "Running Wild," starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kristin Scott Thomas and Rosamund Pike.      



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