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Top 12 Favorite Pride & Prejudice Fanmade Videos

There are many amazing Pride & Prejudice fanmade videos made in YouTube that it's hard to pick just one favorite, let alone 10, which now ended up being 12, lol. I even have a few more on my original list that didn't make it here in the top 12 as those videos either got blocked/removed, or the music had been changed due to copyrights issues (of songs and video clips used), unfortunately. So, I couldn't include them here, especially if the videos either no longer exist or are not allowed to be embedded. I settled for the following top 12 that I loved and enjoyed watching the most. These videos were all awesome and made beautifully matching the songs perfectly to the clips from the 2005 P&P film.I love all of these videos. I ranked them based on how much I love the songs at the moment (the order could change at anytime) and how the song matches the clips from the movie...so perfectly and beautifully.

Anyway, here are my top 12...what are yours?

#12. Sexy Back (song by Justin Timberlake) - A Mr. Collins video
(source: )

This video made me laughed a lot. Love that there's a Mr. Collins video and the Justin Timberlake "Sexy Back" was used for the video. The JT song combine with Collins' audio clips/lines used from the movie added some fun and humor. Loved it!

#11. Haven't Met You Yet (song by Michael Buble) - A Mr. Darcy video

(source: )

I love this video and song from Michael Bubble! This video is my friend (and P&P Blog contributor) Ashley's first video and I thought she did a great job making it considering it's her first P&P video.

#10. If You're Not The One (song by Daniel Beddingfield) 
- A Jane/Bingley video
(source: )

A nice video about Mr. Bingley and Jane Bennet. Love it and love the song too!

#9. If You Believe (song by Andrea Remanda) - A Jane Bennet video
(source: )

I love this video about Jane Bennet. There aren't many videos made about her, so it's nice to see a very nice video like this one devoted to her, Elizabeth's beloved big sister and Mr. Bingley's lady love. The song fits very well in Jane's perspective.

#8. I'm Too Sexy  (song by Right Fred Said) - A Mr. Darcy video
(source: )

This is a funny Mr. Darcy video, lol. I love it as it's a fun, lighter and different Darcy video. Mr. Darcy is too sexy (and Matthew as Darcy is just too Darcylicious here for words), indeed!

#7. When You Say Nothing At All (song by Ronan Keating)
- A Darcy/Lizzie video
(source: )

Beautiful video! It was very well made and the song and clips used from the movie about Elizabeth & Darcy just fits so well in this video. I love it and I love the song too!
#6. Love Will Lead You Back (song by Taylor Dayne)
- A Jane/Bingley Video
(source: )

This is a beautiful Jane/Bingley video. Not many videos are made about these two lovely and cute couple, so I'm very glad to see this one made (along with #10). The song fits perfectly on these beautiful pair and their relationship. I love this Taylor Dayne song too!

#5. Collide (song by Howie Day) - A Lizzie/Darcy video
(source: )

I love this video and song! The song and clips used here just fits perfectly on this video. Great P&P video! One of the best out there!

#4. The Greatest Reward (song by Celine Dion)
- A Lizzie/Darcy (in Lizzie's POV) video
(source: )

I love this video and Celine Dion's song (whom I've never heard of before until after seeing this video a few years ago...and now I love the song) describes Elizabeth Bennet's character so perfectly...not too mention, "prejudice" was mention in this song. My friend Antonella (who made the best P&P fan arts and music videos) made this video (and as you can see 3 of her beautiful P&P videos made the top 4 of my Top 12 favorite videos here). Beautiful video!

3. The Reason (song by Hoobastank) - A Darcy/Lizzie video
    (source: )

Awesome video that describes Mr. Darcy's (and even Elizabeth Bennet as well) point of view and the song describes him (as well as Lizzie) so well.

#2. Can't Fight The Moonlight (song by LeAnn Rimes)
- A Lizzie/Darcy (in Lizzie's POV) video

Another awesome video made by Antonella that I really loved and enjoyed watching every time I watch it. Love the song too by LeAnn Rimes and how it perfectly describes Elizabeth Bennet's point of view as she tries to resist and hide her feelings from the irressistible and handsome Mr. Darcy, but we all know she can't fight, she loves him! lol. The song and clips used in this video perfectly matched here. I love this video a lot!

#1. Mr. Darcy's Love Song (song by Garrett Slight)
- A Darcy/Lizzie (in Darcy's POV) video
(source: )

The reason I picked this video as my #1 favorite (of my Top 12) here is because not only that I love the song and video, but because the song was original and written specifically for the scenes/clips used in the video and even though it's not a typical and popular song, but I love the acoustic feel to it. I thought it was romantic. I love it and the unique song title says it all... "Mr. Darcy's Love Song" by Garrett Slight, the as yet, undiscovered talent. The song describes Mr. Darcy so perfectly and it summarized the movie so well. To borrow a quote from our dear Matthew Macfadyen, Mr. Darcy himself. This video is "lovely", "easy peasy" and may I add, very nice, sweet, and catchy to listen to. I just love it! I bought the song on iTunes and now it's on repeat on my iPod...only Mr. Darcy will make me do this, lol! (A memo for those you interested: You can Get Mr. Darcy's Love Song on iTunes!



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