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Here are 2 new interesting Talulah Riley Interviews...

From Crave Online:

Talulah Riley on Pirate Radio and St. Trinian's

Talulah Riley plays a heartbreaking brunette in Pirate Radio, and a blonde schoolgirl in St. Trinian’s. We weren’t sure what she’d look like when she arrived for a roundtable interview in London for Pirate Radio. The answer was blonder than ever, but every bit as charming as her characters would be to young movie heroes coming of age.
We didn’t know if you’d be blonde or dark.
Talulah Riley: Blond.
Q: Very blonde.
Talulah Riley: I am very, very blonde. I don't think you could get much blonder.
Q: Is that for a role?
Talulah Riley: Yeah, I’m actually playing Blonde in a film, but that’s wrapped now so this is just for personal use.
Q: That’s Inception?
Talulah Riley: That is exactly.
Q: How did you like being a brunette?
Talulah Riley: Well, that was a great wig actually with the little bangs and the frim. I really enjoyed that one. Richard I think is quite partial to a frim so that was why that was there. It was nice.
Q: How does this supporting role in a Curtis film compare with carrying the St. Trinian’s films?
Talulah Riley: I would literally do anything for Richard Curtis. Anything.
 Q: How did that compare with your love scenes with Tom Sturridge?
Talulah Riley: Love scenes with Tom were awkward because he’s like my best friend. We’ve known each other forever and ever, before the film.
Q: How did you meet?
Talulah Riley: Through Robert Pattinson who I went with.
Q: Twilight.
Talulah Riley: Twilight Rob Pattinson as he is now known which is really weird. That’s really bizarre. Anyway, yeah, so it was just kind of funny because obviously we’d always really avoided ever being like, I never kissed him or anything like that but it was kind of like a When Harry Met Sally way. There’s always been that so then we actually had to just hop into bed together. It was awkward.
Q: Who did you shoot scenes with?  
Talulah Riley: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Ken Watanabe.
What’s next then?

Talulah Riley: For me, I’m auditioning. Back in LA I’m auditioning.
Q: You still have to audition? You don’t just get cast?
Talulah Riley: No, I audition for parts. It’s funny because I moved to America so I’m right back. It’s really annoying actually.
Q: Is St. Trinian’s II more of an adventure?
Talulah Riley: Yeah, it’s actually pirates again. I’m getting a little nautical theme with jobs lately. Yeah, it’s really fun. I get possessed.
Q: Knowing nothing about it, St. Trinian’s sounds great.
Talulah Riley: It’s great. Go and see it. It’s like Mean Girls crossed with Harry Potter. That’s how I’ve been selling it.
Q: Is it being remade or just released in the US?
Talulah Riley: No, just released in America.
Q: Why did you move to the states?
Talulah Riley: It was absolutely 100% for personal reasons. I had no intention of going to America. I mean, I did want to but not yet because I’m still quite a kind of baby so I wanted to wait.
How do you find it so far?
Talulah Riley: “The States” is lovely. California, fantastic weather. Really, really lovely weather. You get so much more done in a day. I come back here and oh my God, it’s so cold. It’s nice although it was a culture shock initially.

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And from Screen Crave

Interview: Talulah Riley Interview for Pirate Radio

There is something refreshing about a young actress making it into the business the good ol’ fashioned way… by auditioning! Talulah Riley gracefully and provocatively enters the herd of boys in Pirate Radio and in a sea of greats, stands out. She, alongside past cast-mate Carey Mulligan, are easily the two new faces to watch out for. Something tells me that when her upcoming film, Inception is released, we’ll be seeing a lot more of her.
Riley has only been in the business a short while but has already been making waves. Check out how she’s been landing all of these amazing parts and how she tackled Pirate Radio below…

How did you get this role in Pirate Radio?
TR: I auditioned.
Was this before your role in St. Trinian’s came out?
TR: No, this was after St. Trinian’s. Although his daughter likes this film, which I think helped.
When did you begin acting?
TR: I started acting when I was 18. I used to go to Saturday acting classes. I basically auditioned for extras, but I looked like a younger version of an actress for a time piece. Then Joe Wright was looking for unknowns for Pride and Prejudice, and I went straight from school into that and just kept going.
That was with Carey Mulligan?
TR: Yeah, it was her first job and my second.

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Check out the lovely and promiscuous Talulah Riley in Pirate Radio now playing in U.S. Theaters nationwide!



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