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Film Review: Surrogates

Just saw Rosamund Pike's new sci-fi thriller film Surrogates, which debuts at a disappointing #2 with $15 M at this past weekend's Box-Office.

Unfortunately, Surrogates has also gotten mixed reviews from critics (some good and some are bad...but you know, people who went to see it actually loved and enjoyed this movie like I did...so to each, his/her own, as you'll read my review here for this film, lol...) , Rosamund, on the other hand, got mostly rave reviews for her solid dual acting from the following:

  • Hollywood Today, Rosamund Pike deservedly won praise for her dual performance as a plastic beauty/age-withered harrigan.
  • The Score Card Review, she got the most favorable review and highest score than her co-stars: Rosamund Pike as Maggie: OK, now here’s a solid attempt at acting. Pike’s role bears a considerable amount of weight in this case. She puts up a fight (through said surrogate), and … look, I know it sounds confusing, but trust that Pike actually isn’t bad at making sense of it. Best reason to watch this film, though that’s not saying much. Score: 5
  • NJ.com: The lovely Rosamund Pike — whose check here, I hope, enabled her to do next month’s fine “An Education” — brings a few real moments to her role as Willis’ wife.
  • UK's Telegraph: In the role of Willis’s Stepford-esque robo-wife, someone has finally figured out how to cast Rosamund Pike - superficially perfect, but falling to bits. Surrogates is the opposite: better than it looks.
  • Backstage.com: As his FBI partner, Radha Mitchell is quite good. So is Rosamund Pike, as the wife who is conflicted when Willis leaves their preferred surrogate lifestyle to go "human" on her.

More (nice) Surrogates related reviews:

Anyway, here's my Surrogates Review ...

[Warning! ... heavy spoilers within... for those who haven't seen this movie and don't want to be spoiled...]

starring Bruce Willis, Rosamund Pike,
Radha Mitchell, Boris Kodjoe

Watch the trailer for Surrogates below...

[source: 098artist]

Here's a brief synopsis for Surrogates:
Set in a futuristic world where humans live in isolation and interact through surrogate robots, a cop (Willis) is forced to leave his home for the first time in years in order to investigate the murders of others’ surrogates.

I must say this movie was pretty good. My kind of movie to watch actually (kinda like the other Bruce Willis film, The Fifth Element, Tom Cruise's Minority Report, and Will Smith's I, Robot to name a few action/sci-fi films I enjoyed watching). It's a plus too that I love action and science fiction genres (as well as many other genres in pretty much every movie I like or enjoyed watching...I guess that's the best part about being a movie lover, lol), but of course, it has to be done right. I thought this movie did just that and though I didn't read the graphic novel it was adapted from, I loved this movie anyway and with Bruce Willis leading the cast...you can't go wrong, at least, in my opinion, he mostly doesn't disappoint me anyway, lol. What can I say, I love Bruce Willis! He is one of my all-time favorite actors and I mostly love his movies. He's always good in them playing different characters and his acting's very good too (whether he's doing action or drama or even comedy...he's just that talented and versatile with his acting ability). He was very good in this movie as well. I always root for his character especially when he's playing the good guy, of course. In Surrogates, Bruce Willis plays agent Tom Greer, one of the FBI agents partnered with Radha Mitchell's character, agent Jennifer Peters. They used their flawless young-looking surrogates robots to go to work, do their job and investigate crimes together, but they are actually in isolation from from a steam chair in the comfort of their homes and looks older and a mess compare to there surrogates, lol. So, basically, Bruce and co-stars were playing dual roles: one, their real selves and the other, their surrogate robots in a futuristic world, but they are still identified as one and the same person even if they used a different surrogate or they appear in their real-selves.

Rosamund Pike (I must say, she's so underrated and one of my favorite actresses after seeing her in Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley and Wives and Daughters), played the beautiful Maggie Greer, the distant wife of Bruce Willis' character, agent Tom Greer. She was so beautiful and flawless in this film especially when she plays her surrogate robotic self (interesting though 'cause that's what Rosamund really looks like in real-life, except for the robotic acting, lol). Like Bruce, I thought Rosamund was great playing dual roles here. She really nailed both roles: the real fragile and vulnerable Maggie (they made her look older and a mess here) and her perfect looking surrogate version. Rosamund was perfect in playing her dual role.

Read my full review here.


  1. Surrogates movie is great one. It seems Jonathan Mostow want us to be away from robots and reconnect with humanity. Yep, of course it was fantastic. Hope this science faction never comes true.



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