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Matthew Macfadyen's Little Dorrit to air on PBS' Masterpiece on late March and on DVD April 28th

Got this dvd news and info from my friend Sharon's Blog (thanks Sharon!)...

Little Dorrit
, the Andrew DaviesBBC miniseries adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel that appeared on UK television in November, starred the amazing, multi-talented Matthew Macfadyen in the lead role as Arthur Clennam.

The DVD set is now available from Amazon.UK!!

Little Dorrit is slated to air on PBS Masterpiece Theatre on the following dates:

March 29 - Part 1 (120 minutes)
April 5 - Part 2 (90 minutes)
April 12 - Part 3 (90 minutes)
April 19 - Part 4 (90 minutes)
April 26 - Part 5 (90 minutes)

Reports are that the US, region 1 DVD will be available on April 28 for $49.98.

This gripping new adaptation by Andrew Davies brings to life Dickens' powerful story of love, honor, debt, and hope in 1820s London.

When Arthur Clennam returns to England after many years abroad, his curiosity is piqued by the presence in his mother's house of a young seamstress, Amy Dorrit. The cold and forbidding Mrs. Clennam isn't usually given to charity, so why has she made an exception in taking on Amy? Is she making reparations for a past wrongdoing? Does it have anything to do with Arthur's father's dying words and the pocket watch with its mysterious inscription, 'do not forget'?

Arthur's quest to discover the truth takes him across the City to the Marshalsea Prison for Debt where he meets and befriends Amy's father, William Dorrit, the prison's longest serving inmate. As he tries to help the Dorrits, Arthur discovers that the dark shadow of debt stretches far beyond the walls of the Marshalsea Prison to affect the lives of many. Just as it is possible to climb to the very top in London Society's intricate game of snakes and ladders, so it is possible to slip right down.

But if Arthur succeeds in unravelling the mystery of his family's past, where will it leave him in the scheme of things? And where will it leave the Dorrits?



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