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Film Fridays

My P&P Forum will be having our very own Film Fridays.

Do you love Movies?

If so, and you are interested in participating with our very own Film Fridays here @ the P&P Forum ... post here and let us know. We need your participation, of course...the more the merrier. Feel free to join us either by registering at the forum for FF discussions or posting your comments here, esp. if you love to watch movies (like myself) and you want to participate with us. This will be something fun for us film lovers to do on Fridays. So, come and join us!

For more info. check out our Film Fridays thread here.

Film Fridays Participants (so far):

1. Jeane
2. foreverfan
3. Stephie
4. Liz

After viewing the movie, answer the following list of questions (to post and discuss with fellow FF participants in the following Friday) below:

1) Post a brief review of the movie (ie. story, plot, location, cast, acting, music/score, costume, cinematography, directing, etc.)
2) What did you think of the movie?
3) Did you like it or did you not?
4) What is/are your favorite scene(s) from the movie?
5) Favorite character(s)?
6) Least Favorite character(s)?
7) Favorite scene(s)?
8) Least favorite scene(s)?



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