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Rosamund Pike on set photos from her TV Pilot 'The Tower'

As previously posted here, Rosamund Pike had recently joined the CBS Pilot presentation, "The Tower."

"Tower," from CBS Par, revolves around a group of Chicago reporters who treat breaking news as cases to be investigated and solved. The British-born Pike ("Pride & Prejudice") will play the paper's political reporter.

Now, there are on set photos of Rosamund and co-star Marcia Gay Harden filming, The Tower pilot.

Check out the on set photos below (source: HQ Celebrity Photos):

Click each image to enlarge!

View several more RP photos on The Tower set here.

Speaking of Rosamund, I found this old/recent article (dated April 26, 2008), a very nice one from NY Daily News:

In the old article, her upcoming film projects including, "The Tower," (TV Pilot, she co-stars with Marcia Gay Harden as mentioned above), "The Surrogate," (a film she's co-starring with Bruce Willis), and "An Education" (co-starring with former P&P co-star Carey Mulligan) to name a few were mentioned as well as her upcoming wedding with her fiancee (and P&P director) Joe Wright.

Here's a lil' excerpt from the article (the best part ...):

Luckily, Pike's real love life is no cause for pain. She's engaged to "Atonement" director Joe Wright, with whom she worked in 2005's "Pride & Prejudice," and the London-based pair are set to wed in September.

"It's going great, fantastically," she says, of the planning process. "I am incredibly chilled out about it. The last thing I am thinking about right now is my dress."

Read the full article here: Rosamund Pike in peak form.

Though in that last interview ^, she said, "it's going great, fantastically..." her wedding plans with Joe Wright, there are rumors circulating on gossip/blog sites lately that their upcoming nuptials had been called-off. A very recent articles from both the Daily Mail and The Huffington Post has reported their sudden split. Of course, we don't know if this is true or not that they called-off their wedding plans or if these sources are reliable. Let's hope it's not true as they are such a cute couple and seems to be happy together. If it is true...well, it's their personal lives and we can only hope for them to get back together, if not...only time will tell. We'll eventually find out (sooner or later) if they're still a couple going ahead with their wedding plans or not.



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