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Jena Malone Is Allure's Face

Jena Malone is currently featured in Allure Magazine's April 2008 issue (with singer Mariah Carey on the cover to your left) in the Beauty Reporter section.

Check out a scan of Jena's Allure interview below (which I scanned and transcribed here for JM fans to read).

Click the scan to enlarge and read JM's interview!

Allure's Face

Jena Malone

Since her debut in Bastard Out of Carolina at age 12, Jena Malone has carefully navigated that treacherous path from precocious child to adult actress. After she sent him an audition tape, Sean Penn chose her to narrate and appear in Into The Wild. This month, she stars in The Ruins, a horror movie about young American tourists who encounter some "really crazy plants" in a Mexican jungle.

What's the premise of The Ruins? It's Lord of the Flies meets Rosemary's Baby, in a way. The killer is human nature.

One set photo shows you in a posttage-stamp-size bikini. We went through 50 bikinis to find one that looked good.

It must feel odd for people to have meetings about... about whether my ass looks good in a bikini? It kind of makes mewant to vomit, but it's part of the business.

Do you prefer studio movies or independents? In studio films, they want your teeth white, your hair straight, and your legs shaved. They want you to look beautiful, and I've always fought that.

Why fight it? I grew up a tomboy, but since I turned 21, I've started embracing my femininity --wearing dresses, makeup, seeing what that means. I'm glad I didn't allow other people's ideas of Hollywood beauty to make me into that.

How did you have the presence of mind? I never wanted to be a famous actress. I wanted to be a storyteller. Maybe I was just stubborn. If I didn't fight for the things I believed in when I was ten, I would have to fight even harder now to do what I love.



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