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Happy Birthday Keira Knightley!!!

Today (3/26) marks the 23rd Birthday of the lovely, beautiful, talented, and Oscar/Golden Globe Nominated British actress Keira Knightley.

Keira has 2 new films for 2008.

The Edge of Love and The Duchess.

Happy Birthday Keira Knightley!

P.S. ->
Speaking of birthdays or in this case anniversary, my P&P (2005) Forum turns 2 years online today too! I created the P&P fan forum the same day as Keira's birthday 2 years ago today (of course, unaware at the time that it was her birthday, lol). So, yeah, there are 2 reasons to celebrate today and every year...KK's b-day and the P&P forum. How cool, eh?

Happy 2 Years Online P&P Forum!


  1. Happy B-day Keira! A kiss from my side. :)

    She's only 23, and look what she's accomplished!

    Oh, I don't know if you know this Jeane, but at 20 years, 311 days, Keira is the third youngest actress ever to be nominated for the Acadamy Award for best actress.

    These two precede her.

    3 years, 309 days. Keisha Castle-Hughes, Whale Rider (2003)
    [March 24, 1990 - January 27, 2004]

    20 years, 235 days. Isabelle Adjani, The Story of Adele H. (1975)
    [June 27, 1955 - February 17, 1976]

  2. No, I didn't know that, JW. That's very interesting info. So, Keira was the 3rd youngest huh? How cool! Thanks for the interesting trivia! :)

    Btw, today is the 2 years anniversary of our P&P forum too. Just edited this post as I forgot to included it when I first posted this earlier, lol.

    So, Happy Birthday KK and to our P&P forum! :)


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