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Sunday, March 2, 2008

P&P Ornaments

This was originally posted by Liz (mahsur1284) in the P&P forum, with the same title (thanks Liz). I thought I'd bring it over here as well. As Liz stated, "One thing that I love about the movie is the stuff that add those extra touches to the meaning in the movie .. and the props too."

Check out the objects/props similar or used from the P&P movie below...

The Veiled Vestal Virgin (used for the movie)

Darcy's bust
(used for the movie including an image still from the movie with Lizzie admiring it)

The Sculpture Gallery (including one with Lizzie Bennet)

A picture of a Scottish Deerhound (similar to the one in the movie)

A partridge pie (which was of similar design to the Bennet's chicken pie)

A painting from the movie (which you might notice when Lizzy "got lost" at Pemberley)

Read more info. about each images posted here and props/objects used from the P&P movie here.

Or check out and click the P&P Movie Props Photo Album for more images below!
P&P 2005 Movie Props

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