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P&P (2005) For Dummies: More Fans FAQ Answered

Continuing a series of articles here for our Frequently Asked Questions (aka P&P 2005 for Dummies) section answering at least most of your questions ...

The first 25 were already posted over a week ago. 5 More FAQ with Q&A are posted here.

READ on! All you ever wanted to know about the 2005 Oscar Nominated film, Pride & Prejudice (the cast, characters, and more!) ...

26. Why are there special thanks to Emma Thompson?

To quote Joe Wright in one interview,

Emma gave me a lot of advice. It was my first feature, and I was terrified. I felt ill equipped. She’s a friend of Working Title, and I asked to talk to her. I turned up nervously on her doorstep with my briefcase and she had her walking boots on and said, we’re going to Hampstead Heath. We walked and she talked about AIDS in Africa and other things that interest her. Finally, we sat down on a bench and opened the script, and I asked her questions, and she acted bits out for me and explained things to me. It was a brilliant shoulder.
27. What were the songs/music used in both the US trailer and UK/world trailer for P&P?
Both the US (watch the US trailer here!) and UK/World trailers - available on Working Title site or you can watch it here - has, according to ady-29 from IMDb, Franz Schubert's German dance No. 1 in C Major, which you may download from here
and the
US trailer has the "PM's Love Theme" by Craig Armstrong (from the soundtrack of "Love Actually," the film in which Keira Knightley co-stars) used right after the German dance from Schubert's towards the end...

Listen to both music below...


(source: )

28. What was the first scene filmed in Pride & Prejudice film?
The dinner table scene at Lady Catherine's was the first scene shot for the film. Filming at that location, Burghley House in Linconshire, lasted from the 18th to the 22nd of July, 2004, according to the house's website. In the film (and the novel), the house is called Rosings.

29. What was the last scene filmed for this movie?
Elizabeth's conversation with Mr. Wickham under the tree was the last scene filmed.

30. What did the 5 Bennet sisters actresses do before filming P&P movie started?
The actresses who make up the Bennett family (Keira Knightley, Rosamund Pike, Jena Malone, Talulah Riley, and Carey Mulligan went to the Bennett house location, in Kent, before the crew, and played Sardines (similar to Hide and Seek in America) in order to get better acquainted with the house and each other before filming began.

More will be posted here soon! Keep checking this topic for more in the upcoming blog entries!



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