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On DVD Today: Silk

Today is also the DVD release date for one of Keira Knightley's 2007 film, which unfortunately, was not as highly noticed as her critically acclaimed and Oscar nominated (not too mention, Golden Globe and BAFTA winner) film, Atonement...and I didn't get to see it either in 2007 as it was on a very limited release here in the U.S. and not showing in my local cenema. Also, not much promotion from the film or Keira herself, even though it world premiered at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival, which at least Keira and co-star Michael Pitt attended.

Read and view pics of Keira from the TIFF 2007 premiere of Silk here. (scroll down to post #4 for the Silk premiere photos as well as Keira's mention of her Elizabeth Bennet casting for P&P). Also more Silk movie info here.

As for the Silk DVD, there doesn't seem to be any extras, but if you're a Keira Knightley fan, you might still want to rent or buy this DVD just to see Keira in another film and she seems to have an American (or was it Canadian?) accent here too. I'll have to get this dvd (as well as MM's DAAF dvd, of course) to see if she does, indeed, as her only other movie with her in an American accent was in The Jacket with Adrien Brody.

Watch a Silk clip featuring stars Keira and Michael Pitt below ...

More on Silk DVD info from All Movie Guide:

Theatrical Release
109 minutes
Screen Formats
Enhanced Widescreen for 16x9 TV/
Drama Coll. Sets
New Line Home Video
Aspect Ratio


Francois Gerard's adaptation of Alessandro Baricco's novel Silk stars Michael Pitt as a young Frenchman who travels to Japan at the request of a wealthy silkworm magnate who asks him to smuggle back some new worms. The mission succeeds, and this allows the man to live in great comfort with his wife (Keira Knightley). After a few years, they are unable to conceive a child, a situation that leads to the man taking on a lover during his subsequent visits to Japan. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide

So, KK and MM fans (or should I say P&P 05 fans), be sure to get your dvd copies of Silk and Death At A Funeral today! Let's make it a Lizzie and Darcy DVD day today, lol!



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