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P&P 05 Cast Websites

Looking for links to websites of your favorite P&P '05 actors? Well, look no further as I've compiled and listed here the sites/fansites of most of the actors from the Pride & Prejudice (2005) film:

Keira Knightley:


Keira Forever

Keira Knigtley Palace


Beyond Beauty

Keira Knightley.net

Matthew Macfadyen

Stellar Matthew Macfadyen

Matthew Macfadyen Online

Matthew Macfadyen LJ Community

Matthew Macfadyen Forum Index

Matthew Macfadyen's Wikipedia Page

Rosamund Pike

Carey Mulligan:

Jena Malone:

Talulah Riley:

Rupert Friend:

Kelly Reilly:

Everyone, feel free to add any sites related to these actors from P&P '05 or add any sites from other P&P '05 actors that are not listed here. Thanks.



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