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Just For Fun: Elizabeth & Darcy Wedding Manips

First of all, the 2005 Pride & Prejudice film was already beautiful and amazing as it was (with the American "Mrs. Darcy" ending scene on it), but there's always at least one thing lacking or missing on it that I think would've made this film even more amazing and perfect. A wedding scene for Elizabeth & Darcy or for both Lizzie & Darcy and Jane & Bingley (either shown as a double or separate wedding scenes). Makes me wonder if they ever filmed a deleted "wedding" scene...perhaps they did...or perhaps they did not. Who knows? Except for Keira & Matthew and especially Joe Wright and his editor, right? But then again, they probably did not film it at all. Still, I couldn't help, but wonder if they had deleted and extended scenes for this movie (which were never released or included on the DVD and Blu-ray discs that have been released in the past...or maybe they were saving it for a special director's cut edition for future P&P 10th anniversary release or something...) somewhere out there in a dusty cutting room or in JW's secret vault, lol. Ok, this might be a wishful thinking on my part, but I can dream for those never-before-seen-deleted and extended scenes from my all-time favorite P&P movie, right? Also, an outtakes would be nice too as well as Matthew's audition and reading with Keira. Hopefully, Focus Features and Universal Pictures will release those essential never-before-seen footages for us devoted P&P fans someday in the near future. 

Anyway, since there weren't any deleted "wedding" scenes or stills to post here, lol...I thought just for fun, I'd make some P&P fanarts with photoshop manipulation (manip) of Darcy & Lizzie's fantasy wedding (since I've been and still in the manip arts mood lately, lol) and what it would look like at least in pictures or through fanarts (from my own imagination or at least on the ones I've attempted to have tried and done here, lol). The April royal wedding of the equally beautiful young royal couple Prince William & Catherine Middleton (The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge) inspired me with starting this P&P wedding manips idea (I tried and made quite a few manips from their royal engagement and wedding below....they're not that good, but you get the idea, lol). Fortunately, Keira Knightley had done some or rather many period movies where some of her characters wore wedding dresses (ie. Pirates 2, The Duchess, King Arthur, Silk, Doctor Zhivago, and even Love Actually). As for Matthew Macfadyen, he had done other period films as well and I would've used at least one or two of his other characters' stills, but I just love his Darcy character and look overall...whether he looks serious, sad, or happy...I'd still used any of them, lol. I guess, I'm just biased when it comes to his Darcy character. After all, I love P&P and this blog is about it and his Darcy is part of it...and besides, a few of his Darcy stills actually matches a few of KK's serious, sad, and happy facial expressions in the images of hers I've attempted to used in some of the manips here. I've mostly used her Pirates (2) movies and King Arthur stills where her characters Elizabeth Swann (Pirates 2 had the best images stills of her in a wedding dress and her name's Elizabeth Swann too...just removed the last name and insert Bennet and viola...we got Miss Elizabeth Bennet in a bridal costume! lol)...and her Guinevere character in King Arthur, where she was wearing a wedding dress for the wedding scene with Clive Owen's King Arthur. The beautiful wedding dresses for KK's characters in those two films just looked great when I manipped them with MM's Darcy (which were not easy to do, but I kept practicing and had continue to take Lady Catherine's only good advice and practiced some more, lol). You can see the result of the manip arts I came up with and if they turned out good (or not). They're not the best ones, but...hey, at least I tried...and you get the idea of what I was aiming for!)...

Elizabeth & Darcy - The (Second) Proposal scene

Save The Date

Elizabeth Bennet  (The Bride)
(images I've used for wedding manips)

Fitzwilliam Darcy (The Groom)

Fitzwilliam & Elizabeth: The Wedding Manips

Miss Elizabeth Swann Bennet & Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy

Elizabeth & Darcy

Elizabeth & Fitzwilliam: Royal Inspired Engagement Manips

Fitzwilliam & Elizabeth: Royal Inspired Wedding Manips



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