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Johnny English Reborn website officially launched, with new U.S. release date, and a wallpaper featuring Rosamund Pike

The official website for the upcoming Working Title Films' (Atonement and Pride & Prejudice) Johnny English Reborn starring Rowan Atkinson, Rosamund Pike, Dominic West, and Gillian Anderson has officially launched with lots of new contents such as an international trailer (see RP's character image on this section!) for JER, photo gallery, about the film, spy academy, and downloads that features mobile apps, buddy icons, and wallpapers (which includes a beautiful wallpaper of Rosamund Pike that you can download in different sizes...see it in the header on this post or scroll down to see one of the larger versions of it below!).

Check out Rosamund's JER wallpaper and a screen capture of her character...

Johnny English Reborn Wallpaper 
featuring Rosamund Pike as Kate Summer
(click image to enlarge!)

Trailer section screen capture
 (Source: Working Title/Universal Pictures | Johnny English Reborn - official website)

Also, see Johnny English Reborn Debuts New Trailer and Poster. Nothing new on the new trailer that we haven't seen before from the previous 2 (teaser and international), except for the poster of Rowan Atkinson...it's new.

While Gillian Anderson Saves a Cat in this New Poster for Johnny English Reborn, there isn't any RP character poster, but as aforementioned, there's a beautiful wallpaper of Rosamund's character Kate Summer (or is it Sumner? There seemed to be a typo of her character's last name on the site), who's a Behavioural Psychologist, not an agent (or is she?) as previously reported when she was just cast in this film.
Johnny English Reborn, the sequel to the hit comedy spy/spoof film, Johnny English now opens in its new release date in U.S. theaters October 28th (pushed back from its original September 16th release date) and still on October 7th in the UK Cinemas. See more JER release dates around the world here! LIKE JER's official facebook page!



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