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Keira Knightley & James McAvoy Sexy ‘W Magazine’ Cover

Spoken in true Chandler Bing-fashion, “Could they BE any hotter?”

Keira Knightley and James McAvoy are not only featured on this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly, the Atonement costars are heating up the pages of W Magazine in their February 2008 issue. Interview snippets below!

Keira on the things written about her in years past including anorexia and breaking the heart of her ex-boyfriend, model Jamie Dornan: “It’s like having piles of s— put on your head. As a teenager you put enough on yourself. You’re a spotty emotional wreck whose body is changing, and you’re just not equipped to deal with that sort of thing.”

James (half kidding) on feeling a bit more pressure acting. “I won’t lie and say that I’m completely unfazed by it all. I am fazed by it all. I want the movie to do really well, and I want it to win lots of Oscars and BAFTAs, and I want it to win the adulation of every single member of the human race. But at the same time I would hate to think that any of us should feel any less proud simply because it didn’t garner lots of awards. So it’s a strange conflict. There’s a part of me that wants to forget all of these things, and there’s a part of me that can’t.”

Keira on growing up fast for her acting career, but not in real-life: “From a very young age I realized that you didn’t get parts if you acted like a child. So even at seven I remember picking a way to behave, a way that worked. Though in my personal life I don’t think I’m particularly mature. I don’t particularly want to be mature! [My London apartment] always looked very transient. We were sitting on folding chairs.”

James on working with Keira: “She has smelly feet! I’m just kidding. Please don’t put that in.”

Read the full article at WMagazine.com.

See scans below:

View more images of Keira & James' W Magazine spread here.

Source: Just Jared
| WMagazine.com



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