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Pride & Prejudice References in Pop Culture (Part 2)

A last post for 2009 as we said goodbye to the past year (and decade)...and ring in the New Year 2010 (and new decade) in just less than two hours (eastern time) from now.

Here are more P&P (2005 film) References in Pop Culture (source: via imdb.com)...

But first, as you can see in the first image here (to your left), our very own (aka Elizabeth Bennet from the Oscar nominated Pride & Prejudice (2005) film) was holding a Pride and Prejudice novel (by Jane Austen) for the READ campaign (for the American Library Association) back in 2005. I just noticed recently that Keira did this (back in '05) and I saw a huge pic of her on display on the wall in my niece's Elementary School's media/library (I think the same pic is probably on display on every Elem. School's media/library walls around the country).

I took the same image from my cell phone when I was visiting my neice's elementary school just recently. I was browsing at their media/library and saw some celebs holding their favorite books in huge posters on display, on in their walls...and to my surprise I saw a big poster of Keira holding a P&P novel!  I had to take a quick snap shot of it from my cell before anyone sees me, lol. Too bad I don't have my digital camera at the time. This was the one I took from my cell phone. As you can see it wasn't very clear or in HQ, but you can still see Keira holding the P&P novel.

(click to enlarge!)

I've searched this same pic in various Keira Knightley fansites and found it on the awesome and Sweet Keira Knightley fansite. Besides the poster, I didn't know there was a keychain and bookmark too. Also, the American Library Association's website has the Celebrity READ campaign section too which you can order/purchase the following... 
KK READ products
How cool! Also, check out the KK READ campaign images below!

(click images to enlarge!)

As previously posted here...and reposting it here as it relates to Keira and P&P novel...

- In People Magazine's December 24 Issue, in the Children's Books section, Keira Knightley herself was quoted as saying P&P as her pick of books she loved reading as a kid.

Star Picks: When I was a kid, I really loved reading ...

"I think actually it was Pride and Prejudice. I was totally obssessed from about the age of 8 on." - Keira Knightley
Now, let's get to P&P references...

Pride & Prejudice (2005) film has been referenced in the following...

Gettin' It (2006)
 - A poster of P&P movie was in front of video store
Til Death Do Us Part: Storage Unit Murder (#1.2) (2007)
 - Factual errors: As Mindy gets ready to leave for her book club meeting, Tater reads an excerpt from her book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: "You have bewitched me body and soul." However, this line does not appear anywhere in Austen's text. The quotation is from the 2005 film of Pride & Prejudice (2005), screenplay by Deborah Moggach. Later, during Mindy's book club meeting, William leads the discussion and "quotes" more of the same excerpt: "You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you." The second part of the quotation isn't from the novel either, but does appear in the 2005 film.
Be Kind Rewind (2008) -  Mentioned as movie "sweded" during montage

Wild Child (2008)
-  Harriet (Georgia King) goes to the social dance dressed as Keira Knightley's character Elizabeth Bennet with two guys dressed up as Mr. Darcy, she enters to a music (the opening track titled, Dawn) from the Pride & Prejudice movie, and then recites to Freddie (Alex Pettyfer) one of the "Mrs. Darcy" lines from

the movie.

Harriet: "Mr. Darcy! ...You may only call me Mrs. Darcy when you're completely, perfectly, and incandescently happy."

An Interesting thing to note here... Georgia King, the actress who played Harriet in Wild Child with Julia Robert's neice Emma Roberts, also co-starred with P&P '05 Matthew Macfadyen in Little Dorrit and Talulah Riley in the new film St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold.

Lost In Austen - I recently got my copy of this period drama/tv mini-series and had seen it a few days ago or so. I thought it was good and funny, but did not like the ending nor Jane marrying Mr. Collins (lol), and Elizabeth Bennet working as a nanny in modern London with a short hair and not romantically involved with Mr. Darcy. I did notice the cool P&P '05 movie reference though...

"Lost in Austen: (#1.1)" (TV Mini-Series)(2008)
 -  Lydia's joke that the Bennet girls "might as well take the veil" references the 2005 film, in which Mr. Bennet jokingly suggests that Lydia is "going to take the veil."

I posted about this previously last year (August 2008) here. I'm reposting part of it below...

iTV's new period drama (2008 TV mini-series) titled, Lost in Austen is s premiered on UK's ITV last September 2008.

Jemima Rooper stars as Amanda Price - the frustrated romantic who lives for reading and adores the characters in her Jane Austen books. Then one day she discovers a gateway in her flat and ends up being transported to her favourite world, the world of Pride and Prejudice. But is the “true” story in danger of being thrown off track by her presence?

More info from imdb.com:

Lost in Austen
Jemima Rooper = Amanda Price
Gemma Arterton = Elizabeth Bennet
Elliot Cowan = Darcy
Alex Kingston = Mrs. Bennet
Huge Bonneville = Mr. Bennet
Morven Christie = Jane Bennet
Tom Mison = Bingley
Perditta Weeks = Lydia Bennet
Tom Riley = Wickham
Guy Henry = Mr. Collins
Michelle Duncan = Charlotte Lucas
Christina Cole = Caroline Bingley
Lyndsay Duncan = Lady Catherine de Bourge

Guy Andrews (Writer)
Jane Austen (Novel)

Director: Dan Zeff                                    

Check out... 
Lost In Austen's Behind the Scene Photos:

[source: iTV.com]

Watch the promo trailer for Lost In Austen via YouTube below:

[source: inmypooropinion]

Also, I most recently and previously posted here that...
Natalie Portman to star in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?

According to Variety.com, Portman will star in and produce “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” a film that is based on the bestselling book written by Seth Grahame-Smith and Jane Austen. Lionsgate will finance and distribute. Quirk Books published the tome.  
Read the interesting news article below...

  Actress takes on 'Pride & Prejudice' adaptation

Given Natalie Portman’s elegant demeanor, a turn in a period Jane Austen adaptation was inevitable.

Portman will star in and produce “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” a film that is based on the bestselling book written by Seth Grahame-Smith and Austen. Lionsgate will finance and distribute. Quirk Books published the tome.

Though Austen’s name is on the book, Grahame-Smith took the liberty of adding bloodthirsty flesh-eating zombies to the mix.

Portman will produce through her handsomecharlie shingle with Annette Savitch, plus Darko Films’ Richard Kelly, Sean McKittrick and Ted Hamm.

Described as an expanded version of the Austen classic, the book tells the timeless story of a woman’s quest for love and independence amid the outbreak of a deadly virus that turns the undead into vicious killers.

Portman will play feisty heroine Elizabeth Bennet, who is distracted from her quest to eradicate the zombie menace by the arrival of the arrogant Mr. Darcy.

“Natalie and I are longtime passionate fans of Jane Austen’s books and this a fresh, fun and thought-provoking way to approach her work,” Savitch said. “The idea of zombies running rampant in 19th Century England may sound odd, but it lends a modern sense of urgency to a well known love story.”

Read full article here.

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