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A Pride & Prejudice Double Romance

Keeping it all in the P&P Family

Fans of the 2005 P&P movie will be surprised or perhaps even be happy to know, It is now truth universally known that Pride & Prejudice (2005) stars Keira Knightley (Elizabeth Bennet) & Rupert Friend (Mr. Wickham) and Rosamund Pike (Jane Bennet) & Joe Wright (director of 2005 Pride & Prejudice film) are real-life couples.

In 2004 while on production for their Jane Austen adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, they all met and worked together for the movie, but neither couples (not that I've heard of or I could be wrong here, lol) were an item till after they finished filming P&P or during the promotion of the film in 2005.

Here are some photos of 2 real-life lovely P&P couples:

Keira & Rupert

as Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bennet & Mr. Wickham (the unlikely pair) in P&P movie ...

and in real-life ...

Rosamund & Joe:

They were seen publicly together in 2005 while promoting P&P starting in Toronto Film Festival in September 2005. They have been going out in public together ever since and you'll see below from their random pics from TIFF 05 to Keira and Joe's Atonement movie premiere in 07... 2 years and going strong as they are now engaged (as previously posted here) and soon to marry sometime later in 2008!

Random thoughts about Keira & Rupert real-life pairing...

Wow, what a surprising pair, Keira & Rupert are! They do make a cute couple though esp. now that Rupert has a shorter hair these days. He looks a lot better with shorter hair. Hmm, If Matthew Macfadyen aka Mr. Darcy isn't happily married in real-life, he and Keira would've make a lovely couple off-screen too as they did make a lovely couple (not too mention, they had an undeniable on-screen chemistry) on-screen in P&P...but MM is off the market and is happily married to another British actress Keely Hawes. So no Darcy & Lizzie off-screen. I guess, Elizabeth ended up with Wickham after all...at least the actors who played them, Keira & Rupert in real life. :P ;D



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