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Watch: William Darcy's vlog debut appearance on 'The Lizzie Bennet Diaries'

"Are you kidding me?" (to quote Lizzie Bennet of LBD) Finally, a modern (and most talked about) William Darcy made a debut appearance on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (starring Ashley Clements in the title role), the online/youtube series adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. It only took about 60 episodes (and no, the previous episode with faceless Darcy and only his body and torso to take a quick glimpse at towards the end of the episode, does not count, lol...such a tease, is it not?) for LBD vlog (video log) series to make Darcy's face appear on the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. It's about damn time! I've been waiting and waiting every episode for his appearance...for ages, and almost given up hope of seeing Darcy's mysterious face, lol...as I've been watching this fun and interesting vlog series version of P&P...and while I quite liked and enjoyed watching it...yes, I've seen every single episode (they're like 3-4 minutes long for the most part) since it debuted back in April (on yours truly's birthday, of all days...how cool!) of this year. I must say, it was becoming unpleasant (for like almost 60 episodes...and I find that hard to believe) to watch Lizzie always rant and mocked her future soul mate without having seen Darcy's appearance (and to see his side of the story)...but I already started watching this series and was curious to see how they'll eventually bring him (if they ever did) in into this modern version as I love P&P (and its many different versions and interpretations. I'm very open-minded with other versions even though my personal and all-time favorite is the obvious 2005 version, which I started this blog with and made me love P&P in general). Glad LBD series finally showed Darcy's face in this episode...better late than never!

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (a professionally made scripted web series) starring newcomer Ashley Clements (as Lizzie Bennet) is a modernized  YouTube adaptation of the classic Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice. The story is told primarily through Lizzie Bennet's Video Diaries, while being supported by her and other characters social media streams.

The LBD vlog series was created by  Hank Green and Bernie Su. I first posted about this vlog series here.

Anyway, the new Darcy actor's name is Daniel Vincent Gordh (and watch his debut appearance on LBD's episode 60 below)...

Daniel Vincent Gordh as William Darcy
in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
He's cute, isn't he? (But not handsome enough to tempt me! LOL!) Though I thought Bing Lee's much more attractive looking (and the best looking amongst the men of LBD)...but that's just me... This guy's just fresh looking, so it'll take time for me to get used to seeing (and hearing) of him as William Darcy in this series. He, the Darcy actor, does look and reminded me of actor Liev Schreiber (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Painted Veil)...the whole time I was watching him on this episode (which was supposed to be the first proposal scene for this modern version of P&P). He's like the younger version of him, don't you all agree? Not bad looking at all. He's good looking on his own and better looking than the guy who played Wickham, at least...It's about time they introduced him and showed the audience (who's been demanding to see his face almost every episode, lol) his enigmatic face. Thanks LBD series creators and writers! Now, I'll enjoy watching the rest of the series with excitement and enthusiasm more now that Darcy has a face and made his appearance on Lizzie's vlog, lol. I'll post my review of LBD here once this series ends...In the meantime, I thought this episode was pretty good (of course, in my biased opinion, nothing will ever top the incomparable and brilliant first proposal "rain scene" of Keira & Matthew's Elizabeth & Darcy in the P&P '05 movie, but I still liked and enjoyed seeing this one...). DVG was really good on his debut appearance as Darcy. Looking forward to Monday's episode 61 and to seeing more of his Darcy on LBD series!

Speaking of Darcy...I'm going to have to update my previous posts about: Then & Now: The Many Faces of Mr. Darcy  and The Many Faces of Mr. Darcy (Part 2)

Okay, moving on...Watch Darcy's debut appearance on LDB's episode 60 below...

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Watch all 60 Episodes of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries here!

A few screen captures of William Darcy (Daniel Gordh) 
and Lizzie Bennet (Ashley Clements) in
Episode 60: Are You Kidding Me?

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