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P&P Fan Encounter: Jodie met Claudie Blakley!

As I have posted on facebook here, I am going to spotlight Pride & Prejudice fans here on the blog this month in celebration of the Pride & Prejudice (2005) film's 7 years of its US theatrical release. If anyone's interested in being featured here who has met one of the P&P 05 actors (ie. Keira Knightley, Matthew Macfadyen, Rosamund Pike, etc.) or sent a fan mail and don't mind sharing their P&P fan encounters, please contact and email me and submit your P&P fan story/meet & greet experience to be included here.

Here's one of the fan submissions I've received and it's from
Jodie. She met the lovely Claudie Blakley, who played Charlotte Lucas in the P&P movie.

I met Claudie Blakley!
by Jodie
Hello, I met Claudie Blakley last year 2011 at the Hampstead Theatre for Di, and Viv, and Rose as I flew over from the States. I have a review of the play on the Nicola Walker Forum I went to see the play because of Nicola Walker (who previously co-starred with Matthew Macfadyen in Spooks/MI-5 series). 

After the play, Claudie was standing outside the theatre waiting for her taxi to arrive. We chatted a little bit about the play and I told her she was brilliant in it. At one point she asked me if I could see Nicola Walker through the glass door because she wanted to make sure her taxi didn't forget her as Nicola ordered it for her. She said she was very nearsighted. I told her I could go back in and ask for her, but Nicola was with some friends. As she was about to have me do it, her taxi arrived. She said thanks. I told her I didn't want to leave her standing alone at night by herself waiting. She said she was grateful. She left and I went on the tube. I have talked to her a few times since on Twitter. Didn't get a picture with her as I actually forgot to do so.

That is my experience in meeting her, very short. But enough that she knows who I am on twitter and responds to which she and I have exchanged tweets since.
Unfortunately, as Jodie said, she forgot to take a photo with Claudie when they met, so there's no photo of them to share here, but she does have other P&P related photos to share with you all here. She recently visited Chatsworth House and Haddon Hall, which are 5 miles apart from each other on September 3rd, of this year!

Check out her beautiful photos she sent me to share with you all from two of Pride & Prejudice's filming locations she visited...

Chatsworth House (Pemberley)

 Haddon Hall (Lambton Inn)
 (all Chatsworth and Haddon Hall photos used here
were taken and courtesy of Jodie. Thanks a lot!)

A big THANK YOU to Jodie for submitting here her P&P fan story of meeting Claudie Blakley and for sharing her stunningly gorgeous Chatsworth and Haddon Hall photos here on this blog. Hope you enjoy reading her fan story and viewing her pictures. Thanks for taking the time to read. More P&P fan encounters to share here in the coming days or throughout this month. Stay tune!



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