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New Keira Knightley 'Anna Karenina' images scans from Entertainment Weekly Magazine!

In the newest issue (July 20th) of Entertainment Weekly Magazine (with Batman, The Dark Knight Rises star Christian Bale and Tom Hardy as Bane on the cover), there were a few pages of new (and old) sneak peek images of Keira Knightley (as the title character Anna Karenina) and an AK article from Joe Wright's Anna Karenina (the Focus Features's AK website has been slightly updated too with a new look...so far, it's a background from the US poster!) starring former Pride & Prejudice stars Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen (as Oblonsky) along with Jude Law, Aaron Johnson, Olivia Williams, Kelly Macdonald, Emily Watson, and Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery.

Anna Karenina opens in UK Cinemas September 7th and in select US Theaters November 9th!

Check out Keira Knightley (including between takes photo with director Joe Wright in a ball sequence!) in new Anna Karenina EW magazine scans and transcription (featuring new JW interview) below...

Anna Karenina EW Scans
Get a sneak peek at Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina;
the newest adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's famed novel
will be in theaters this November.

Sneak Peek
Anna Karenina
Keira Knightley reteams with director Joe Wright for an ambitious new take on the beloved Russian novel, due in theaters this fall.
By Sara Vilkomerson

Leo Tolstory's Anna Karenina has already been adapted for film and TV at least a dozen times, so Joe Wright knew he had to find a fresh approach to the classic 1877 novel. "I didn't want to make a standard period drama again," says the director, whose previous films include 2005's Pride & Prejudice and 2007's Atonement. "I liked the idea of setting it in one location. I was reading Natasha's Dance by Orlando Figes, and he talks about Russian society in the 19th century living their lives as if upon a stage. I found that fascinating." For his adaptation (out Nov. 9), Wright took the idea literally. The majority of the action--including horse races, snowstorms, and dazzling ballroom dances--is set in a theater, allowing the film to venture into the fantastical without the hindrance of reality.

Keira Knightley stars as Anna, who's married to an aristocrat (Jude Law) but engages in a passionate affair with a cavalry officer (Savages' Aaron Taylor-Johnson). After working with Knightley on P&P and Atonement, Wright says that he can communicate with his star using only an exchange of glances."It's not even shorthand--it's more like mind reading," he says with a laugh. "I'm incredibly proud of what she's done with this movie. I think it's her best performance." Certainly they had fine source material. Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love) wrote the script, condensing Tolstoy's somewhat sprawling plot down to the most basic elements of its central romance. "If it was about love, it was in," says Wright. "If not, it was out." Fans of the novel's long passages about farming regulations will just have to hold out for a sequel.
Scans (as well as AK EW article transcript ^) and Photo captions(via Awards Daily Forum's AK Trailer Thread)

Page 1 (top right)
Keira Knightley (center) at an elaborate ball, wearing a taffeta gown designed by Oscar-nominated costumer Jacqueline Durran

Page 1 (bottom right)
Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Knightley film a dancing scene at the U.K.'s fames Shepperton Studios

Page 2 (top right)
Jude Law (below, top) stars as government official Alexei Karenina, Anna's husband; Taylor-Johnson (bottom) plays Count Vronsky, a cavalry officer and Anna's lover.

Page 2 (bottom right)
When her dalliance with a young man becomes an open secret, Knightley's Anna meets public disapproval. Chanel lent the actress $2 million in diamonds to wear in character.

Page 2 (bottom left)
Knightley and director Joe Wright between takes of a ball sequence

For all the latest news and info on Anna Karenina film, check out my Anna Karenina (2012) extra page!



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