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Ten Interesting Facts about filming Pride and Prejudice (2010) film

Filming wrapped last June 27th for Pride and Prejudice (2010), the new modern, independent feature film (starring and ) that my wonderful friend director  (wrote/produced/directed and) was filming every weekend since May (8th). According to Bonnie, they will be filming about 8 more (make up) scenes before it goes to the editing room for post-production.

Check out a 15 seconds teaser clip (from "the first proposal" scene), which was posted on DP Joan Lawson's facebook page

Updates on the status of the film, more clips and possibly a trailer will be coming soon! Be sure to follow and friend Bonnie's official facebook page for the latest news and updates on P&P (2010) film.

For now, Bonnie (thanks a lot!) had sent me the following (to share with you all)...

Ten Interesting Facts 
about filming the Pride and Prejudice (2010) film
by director Bonnie Mae

P&P 2010
by the numbers...

1. There are 91 scenes in the film, two of which are alternative scenes.
2. The most scenes done in one day are nine, the average is six.
3. The most cast on one set was for the scene we did for the Masquerade Ball over 150 people.
4. The script is 98 pages long but is not numbered. The original script was near 200 pages (A Mini Series).
5. Over 3000 people wanted to audition for the film, only the first 1000 got that chance.
6. 473 women tried out for Elizabeth Bennet, while only 127 tried out for Mr. Darcy, and others where for other various roles.
7. 10 locations where used while making the film. The most extensive was the Governors Mansion (used for Lady Catherine's Estate in Rosings scenes) in Denver, which was guarded by state troopers.
8. 99% of the scenes from the book are in the film except one.
9. 92 was the total costume changes for Elizabeth Bennet.
10. There is an item featured in every scene in the film.

Also, here are some...

Behind the scenes and On Set photos
of the cast and crew of Pride and Prejudice (2010)
(all photos by Bonnie Mae of PaperCut Productions)



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