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You know you're addicted to Pride & Prejudice movie when...

These long hilarious list is taken from an Addicted to Pride and Prejudice (2005) group on facebook (not my group...I don't have a facebook page nor a group for this blog there as there are already over 140+ of them in FB, lol...mine's just this blog and its twitter, myspace, and myspace group pages)...I previously posted something similar to this a while back though... here: You know you are obssessed with P&P '05 when...
I thought I'd post these one here too...as they made me laugh so hard especially the bold ones (they're my favorite or the ones that made me laugh from the hilarious list of P&P addiction), lol.

You know you're addicted to Pride & Prejudice (2005) movie when...
  • The movie just keeps getting better every time you watch it.
  • You're convinced that Matthew Macfadyen is the most beautiful creature you have ever beheld.  
  • You refuse to watch any of Matthew MacFadyen's other movies because he will always and forever be Mr. Darcy to you. In fact, you pretend there’s no such thing as Matthew MacFadyen and that Mr. Darcy really exists. 
  • You often get the urge to be standing on top of a cliff looking over the Peak District with the wind blowing in your hair and the sun sparkling on your luscious skin and cheekbones like fairydust.
  • You wish you could look as naturally beautiful as Keira Knightley.
  • Even though you have never lived in Britain, you now regularly speak with a British accent.
  • You find ways to quote the film in your daily life, e.g. "That shirt is barely tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me."
  • You tell people to "make haste" when they’re too slow.
  • You declare yourself to be "bewitched" by anything that pleases you.
  • You ask people to entertain you because "you dearly love to laugh."
  • You remark about people with poor fashion sense as "looking positively medieval."
  • Annoying people simply have no compassion for your poor nerves.
  • After hanging out with someone, you say to them: “Thank you for your stimulating company. It has been most instructive.”
  • You're asked if you can play the piano, and you respond with: "Yes ma'am, but very poorly." You're not afflicted with false modesty when you say you play poorly.
  • You can play the main theme of the film (“Dawn”) on the piano like Georgiana Darcy and consider yourself "a great proficient" because your "excellence was achieved by constant practice" (during the free time you spent NOT watching the film).
  • Watching this film has made you realize that you are rather fond of walking.
  • You carry the movie in your knapsack/purse and check on it during the day for comfort.
  • You don’t watch the films provided on airplanes; you watch P&P multiple times on your laptop for the entire duration of the flight (except when you have to sleep or use the lou/bathroom).
  • You’re a tad depressed when the guy you like doesn’t show up at a party because “he’s been detained”.
  • You admit to being "nonsensical" when you're wrong.
  • You believe that men are far too easy to judge and that they're humourless poppycocks (in your experience). But one day, someone will catch your eye, and then you’ll have to watch your tongue.
  • You own at least one copy of the soundtrack.
  • You can visualize the particular scene in your head that corresponds to each piece on the soundtrack.
  • You know that the soundtrack was composed by Dario Marianelli & performed by Jean-Yves Thibaudet…who have become your favourite musical artists.
  • You also know that Marianelli was inspired by Beethoven when he composed the music for the soundtrack. (Or rather, he was pressured by the director, Joe Wright, to make the soundtrack sound like Beethoven’s music.)
  • You watch the film AT LEAST once a week.
  • You watch the film while studying for your exams.
  • You watch the film in French while studying for your French exam.
  • You rewind and watch the proposal scenes (the one in the rain & the one at sunrise) multiple times.
  • You've watched all the extra features and commentaries on the DVD. Multiple times. In one sitting.
  • You watched the DVD 50 times the first week you bought it.
  • The movie is always playing within 10 feet from you, 24/7 (in the car, on the bus, while washing dishes, on the airplane, in the shower, in the lou, while taking a walk, while having sex, while vacuuming the house, while painting a fence…even while you sleep!)
  • You own 3+ copies of the movie: one to carry around, one for each television set, and one at your cousin's in case your house burns down.
  • You are now familiar with Fordyce's Sermons.
  • You'd consider marrying a clergyman who's at least a foot shorter than you if you could live in a beautiful little rectory on the estate of a beautiful castle (whose grazing alone cost 3000 pounds).
  • You drop your handkerchiefs on purpose in case a marching foot soldier picks it up, and the two of you are introduced.
  • Buying ribbons suddenly seems more fun than buying shoes. Especially if you’re with a handsome foot soldier (too lowly, even to be noticed) dressed in a red coat, white pants, and a baby blue ribbon in his hair.
  • You suddenly want to wear long, simple cotton dresses and knee-high leather boots. Exclusively.
  • You’ve shown up at parties with an elegant, curly updo adorned with lots of small pearls (like Lizzy’s at the Netherfield Ball).
  • 5,000-10,000 pounds a year suddenly seems like a large salary.
  • The day when a guy says to you: "You have bewitched me, body and soul"...you know he's THE ONE.
  • Your family/spouse/roommates recognize the background music coming from your room/the living room and don't even bother to ask you what you're watching/listening to.
  • Your family/friends know that the only way to get you to do what they want is to threaten to blind you, such that you may never gaze upon the visual orgasm that is the P&P ’05 movie.
  • You’ve bookmarked the websites related to P&P filming locations on your computer.
  • Your desktop background is an image from the movie. (Usually, Chatsworth House.)
  • You want to go to England just to visit all the filming locations of P&P. (Especially Chatsworth House.)
  • You have traveled England for the sole purpose of visiting all the filming locations from P&P. (Your itinerary included a trip to Chatsworth House, but you were devastated to discover that the exterior and interiors were filmed in separate locations.)
  • You’re not a British citizen, but would like to become one solely to live amongst the filming locations from P&P.
  • You comfort your girlfriends' guy problems by telling them: "What are men compared to rocks and mountains?" and then proceed to show them still images from the movie that are saved on your computer.
  • Others refuse to watch the film with you because they find your habit of reciting the whole movie in unison with the actors annoying.
  • You have played the whole movie in slow motion to prolong the ecstasy of watching the movie. (Unfortunately, the music and the sound don’t work on slow motion so you don't do this very often.)
  • You didn’t consider the Bennets to be poor at all, and you totally could’ve lived at Longbourn. (Which, you know, of course, is really a manor house called Groombridge Place in Kent.)
  • You’ve replayed parts of the film so as to observe a miniscule detail about a particular scene.
  • You have the urge to stand up and bow every time the person you fancy enters or exits a room (whether their hem is 6 inches deep in mud, or they’ve burst into tears because Lydia has run away!!)
  • You don't mind rainy/foggy days as much because it's very possible that a handsome (stalker) acquaintance you previously thought to be an arse might come up to you and say either: a) "I love you, most ardently" or b) "I love, I love, I love you."
  • You've rejected a guy by telling him that "he was the last man on earth you could ever be prevailed upon to date".
  • You're on a date with a guy you really like and you hold up his left hand and say "Your hands are cold" (even if they're not).
  • You find yourself constantly quoting your favourite lines from P&P and you feel sorry for your family and friends when they give you confused looks since they have only watched P&P once (horrors!) and can't recall the lines.
  • There are some tragedies that you could have been prevented merely by being more open with your sisters.
  • You daydream about living in Derbyshire.
  • You want to attend an educational institution close to Derbyshire.
  • You would run away to Derbyshire and happily live in a tent as long as you could take those walks that you’re oh-so-very fond of.
  • You make prints/buy posters of beautiful landscapes/architecture from the film and hang them around your house.
  • Your friend declares a dislike for P&P and you seriously consider and re-evaluate the basis of your friendship.
  • As an excuse to watch P&P more often, you contact every friend and acquaintance you can think of, and offer to loan them the P&P DVD (the backup ones, of course,) with the understanding that you’ll need to be there for the viewing.
  • You’re watching P&P with someone who is a P&P virgin, and you’re appalled when they tell you to shut up after you’ve been so kindly and enthusiastically explaining every scene to them in modern English.
  • Your family and friends put a limit on when and where you can talk about P&P because, unbelievably, they are just so sick of it. (For example, Tuesdays and Thursdays are designated P&P-free days.)
  • The above happens and you resort to quoting lines that you hope they won't notice are from the movie (such as: "[x location] is so diverting, there's so much to entertain!")
  • You’ve searched everywhere for a script of the movie and then realized that you didn't need it because you could’ve easily written it out on your own, AND, while doing so, the movie was playing out in your head. In detail. Complete with Dario Marianelli's music (which you were also capable of writing out on staff paper).
  • You have a complete list of all the differences between the book and the movie.
  • Your list of differences is cross-referenced to the aforementioned script of the movie that you wrote.
  • You believe that only the deepest love will persuade you into matrimony, which is why you will end up an old maid…although the prospect of living at Chatsworth House would persuade you to do anything.
  • You worry that you'll be 27 years old, a burden to your parents, and hence, have to marry someone ridiculous because you couldn’t afford to be romantic.
  • It would be most inconvenient for you to dance with a man whom you've sworn to loathe for all eternity. (But that’s okay, because you talk as a rule while dancing and make it so much less enjoyable.)
  • Your sister doesn't even show her true feelings to YOU!
  • You avoid Collinses, have a weakness for Wickhams, settle down with Bingleys, and you're goddamn lucky to find a Darcy.
  • You fear that you won't be considered a "truly accomplished" woman, so you set about gaining a thorough knowledge of music, drawing, singing, dancing, and the modern languages. You also try to have “something in your air and manner of walking". Finally, you improve your mind by a sense of reading.
  • You call your husband by Mr. [his surname].
  • The idea of staying in to watch P&P is infinitely preferable to going out and developing cirrhosis/lung cancer.
  • Anything that upsets you can usually be resolved by either watching P&P or listening to the soundtrack.
  • You occasionally worry that your addiction to the film and everything related to it (cotton dresses, the English countryside, rain, ribbons, piano music, walking, etc.) is similar to that of a serious drug addict.
  • You create a Facebook group called “Addicted to Pride and Prejudice (2005)” instead of doing the plethora of normal things one could possibly do on a Saturday afternoon…and you’ll probably be watching the film once you’ve finished.
  • You've joined this group and can relate to one or more of these points.
  • You're relieved that this group exists because now you know that you're not the only one who’s freakishly and unhealthily obsessed with Joe Wright’s delicious film.
  • Joe Wright's film adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice" makes you completely, utterly, and incandescently happy. Like Mrs. Darcy. =)


  1. I really am so glad to have found this blog (and really am so SHOCKED that I didn't find it years ago.) Oh it all is so true!

  2. I'm new to this P&P 2005 , and I love P&P 2005 and anything related to it,MM and Keira, this blog, and Jeane. Your list make me laugh cause I did some of them.....


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