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P&P 2010: More HQ Cast Photo Shoots

Here are more P&P 2010 Cast photo shoots taken by professional photographer Alex Forsett.  

Many thanks (as always) to P&P (2010) film's director Bonnie Mae for sending me more of her cast photo shoots below. :)

The Pride and Prejudice (2010) Cast
(click on images to enlarge!)
(All P&P 2010 Cast Photos Copyright © Photography by Alex Forsett 
| courtesy of Bonnie Mae of PaperCut Productions

For more P&P cast photo shoots (previously posted here and others not posted here), check out the P&P 2010 cast photo shoots album I created below...

(click on Caleb & Maia's image below to enter the photo album!)

Pride and Prejudice 2010 (Cast Photo Shoots)

Also, check out another P&P 2010 album below!

Pride and Prejudice 2010 (cast reading and candid photoshoots)


  1. This is going to be such a awsome movie or looks lit it will be!!! The cast is beautiful:)


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