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P&P Blog Weekly Poll

New Poll is now up!

The current poll (#55) is now up (scroll down at the bottom) right side bar under Weekly Poll.

The new poll question below is about this blog. Check it out and vote for the new poll.

Which of the following P&P Actors' 2010 Spring/Summer Release films are you looking forward to watching on the big screen? 

What is your favorite part (or section to browse) in this Blog?

P&P Actors News and Articles
  2 (25%)

P&P/Jane Austen Related News and Articles
  0 (0%)
P&P '05 For Dummies (FAQ)
  1 (12%)

P&P Forum and Gallery
  0 (0%)
P&P Quizzes and Trivia
  1 (12%)

Darcy Saga News/Article and Sharon Lathan Interviews
  0 (0%)
P&P on Twitter and Myspace
  0 (0%)
Weekly Polls and contests
  1 (12%)

Other (not listed here)
  0 (0%)
All of the above!
  3 (37%)

Total Votes: 8

All previous Weekly Polls are archived here.



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