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The Young Victoria: Interview with Rupert Friend

As previously posted here, The Young Victoria's official Twitter and Facebook sites did an interview with  Rupert Friend last Friday (December 4th).

Here's part of Rupert's interview as posted in The Young Victoria's Facebook...

It seems as though you enjoy working on period pieces (The Young Victoria, Pride and Prejudice, The Libertine, The Last Legion, etc.) - what attracts you to these types of films? Do you prefer period pieces to modern day films?
I think it’s just the stories that have come my way that have interested me and in a sense there’s an element of time travel about it that I really like. Being able to really go back in time and see how people lived in other periods is really exciting for me. As different as it can be from my own experiences the better.

To prepare for the role of Prince Albert, you took dancing, calligraphy, archery lessons, and even worked with a vocal coach to capture an accurate German accent. Out of all the lessons, what did you find the most challenging to learn? What was the easiest to pick-up?
The hardest was the piano because I had to learn a piece of Shubert which Albert plays for, well he doesn’t actually play it for her, but he plays it in the movie, and that was really really hard but the most rewarding as well because when I cracked it, it was the best feeling ever, so that was the hardest. The easiest in a way actually was the archery. The guy who was teaching me was amazing and he made me my own bow and my own arrows. It came weirdly quite naturally the whole sharp shooting thing.

Do you have a favorite scene in The Young Victoria?
I really like the scene under the gazebo when she stops him from proposing or rather tells him to wait. There’s a lot unsaid when I read that scene.

What other films are you currently working on now?
I just completed a movie called Georgia about the war that Georgia the country had with Russia last year. So I’ve been 7 weeks in the mountains of Georgia with the Army and playing an American war correspondent that gets captured and accused of being a spy. So, very exciting and sort of a recent event that’s still very fresh in the minds of the people that we went to try and explore.

Read RF's full interview here!

The Young Victoria starring Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend opens in U.S. (limited) theaters December 18th and EVERYWHERE Christmas Day! Click here to see the release dates for this film in your cities! 


  1. I really liked him in The Young Victoria!! Beautiful blog :-)


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