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THR's Awards Watch: Actresses roundtable featuring Carey Mulligan

The Hollywood Reporter just did an Awards Watch: Actresses roundtable series featuring Carey Mulligan (An Education) and 5 other actresses including Emily Blunt (The Young Victoria). Check out a photo of Carey with her fellow actresses who are making lots of Oscar Buzz this year for their own individual films. Three of these films (An Education, Precious, and The Young Victoria) from 3 wonderful and amazing actresses (Carey, Mo'Nique, and Emily Blunt) featured in THR's roundtable I've actually seen...and they were, in my opinion, 3 of the best films I've seen this year (thus far). You must see their films, if you haven't already...

Anyway, check out THR's...

Carey Mulligan, left, Vera Farmiga, Mo'Nique, Patricia Clarkson, Robin Wright and Emily Blunt (Photo by Dan Busta)

In a year when meaty roles for women were hard to find, The Hollywood Reporter's Matthew Belloni and Stephen Galloway gathered six top actresses -- Emily Blunt ("The Young Victoria"); Patricia Clarkson ("Whatever Works"); Vera Farmiga ("Up in the Air"); Mo'Nique ("Precious"); Carey Mulligan ("An Education"); and Robin Wright ("The Private Lives of Pippa Lee") -- who not only landed the parts but delivered awards caliber performances. 

Carey's part of the interview...

Carey Mulligan: When I decided to do "Wall Street 2" -- because I knew that that would be the biggest thing I'd done and my face would be seen by more people than it had ever been seen by before -- my mum said, "You can try it and if you hate it you can just come back and be a theater actress in London." And I was like, that sounds (great) -- it's difficult to have a consistent theater career in London. That would be brilliant. That's not a compromise or a Plan B.

THR: Did your parents want you to act?

Mulligan: No. We don't have anyone in our world that's an actor. I was very angry at them for being so against it but we just had no example of anyone in our life that -- my parents ran hotels, my brother was very academic and went to Oxford. I think they just thought that I had to get some sort of a degree to have something to fall back on.

THR: Did you?

Mulligan: I got my A-levels. I was supposed to get an A and two Bs to study drama at Royal Holloway, and I got three Bs so I started working in a pub. I was a barmaid. I had just turned 18 and I looked about 12.

Clarkson: You still do! I'm going to play your mother soon. I feel it.

Read the rest here!
Also, check out one of the videos featuring Carey Mulligan (she doesn't really talk, but you can see her listening and laughing a lot) with the hilarious Mo'Nique who reenacts the toughest scene an actress can play -- with hilarious results.
“What’s the toughest scene for an actress?”

 [source: The Hollywood Reporter]



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