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Pop-Up Box Issues

To all the visitors/readers of this blog...

If you have experienced for the past few days the annoying (every second) pop-up box showing up on this blog every time you click and view (this blog) and you've seen this message:
Authentication Required
A username and password are being requested by http://www.
prideandprejudicemovie.net. The site says: "Restricted Area"
Sorry, I've been trying to figure it out what was causing that ^ this weekend...and now (several hours late in Sunday night/early Monday morning...finally *sigh of relief*)... I just figured out (with the help from DarkUFO over at the Blogger's Help Center - thanks again. You were a big help and I appreciate it), it was the P&P MP3 player (with the P&P files from the official P&P site - which was odd this has never happen to this blog before till a few days ago...) that was causing the problem, unfortunately. So, I had to remove it (as well as the official P&P site's link...at least temporarily for now) till I can replace the playlist to put it back on the soundtrack section here on the right side bar.

Now, that I removed it, the pop-up box is gone! *Yay!* Problem solved.

Thanks for your patience. My apologies for the inconvenience.



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