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Keira Knightley takes on the West End with The Misanthrope

The Times Online have a new article, picture, and interview with Keira Knightley about The Misanthrope. (photo by Pal Hansen)

Here's an excerpt of her interview...
All the characters have an unlikeable side. How does this affect your portrayal of them?
Knightley: I play Jennifer, a movie star. She intrigues me. I don’t know whether “like” would be the right word. I think she’s interesting. Ambition is one thing that drives her, and an incredible wish to please. Everybody says throughout that they can’t quite get a handle on what she is. That’s because she presents different faces to different people. You meet her on a day when she’s very much performing for a load of people. She performs in a very specific way, which is to use her sexuality incredibly overtly.
Keira, when is the last time you acted on stage?
Knightley: When I was 14.
Sharrock: You never told me about that.
Knightley: Only one night, though. It was National Connections, where they got a load of playwrights to write for schools. I was part of a drama club and my mum [the playwright Sharman Macdonald] wrote After Juliet for us.

Continue read full interview here!
The Misanthrope previews at the Comedy Theatre, SW1, from December 7



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