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Screen Crave Interview: Carey Mulligan for An Education

Screen Crave recently interviewed Carey Mulligan.

Here are the highlights from the interview...

Everyone is buzzing about Carey Mulligan— aka “the it girl” who stars in director Lone Scherfig’s upcoming romantic drama An Education alongside Peter Sarsgaard — and for good reason. There is a certain sophistication and ease to her on screen that is reminiscent of many Hollywood greats before her. Her unique beauty and personality only add to her obvious charm.

How did it to feel to play the young, naughty girl in An Education?

Carey: Fun, playing young was fun. I usually play younger characters than myself so that was never daunting thing. It became fun when Peter Sarsgaard and I became a double act playing the scene when we convince them to let her go to Oxford. We started figuring out this routine and the routine we used to get her to Paris, that was fun.

How does it feel to be referred to as the ‘next big thing’?

Carey: The ‘It girl’ thing sort of implies that I go to the opening of a mobile phone party and drink champagne. ‘It girl’ such a weird term. I’d never been to film festival before and I’d never played a lead in a film before. Peter said to me when we went to a play on Broadway last year, that he wasn’t going to come to Sundance because he was doing another play. He would give me these pep talks, “Don’t be upset if no one buys the movie because they probably won’t.” My expectations where beyond managed. I thought there was no hope. So when it was well received at Sundance and sold, that was kind of it. That was as good as it gets. It has afforded me opportunities that I wouldn’t of had last year and I met people I would’ve of never met. The first five years I was acting I would never be enough of a name, so I’d read parts I knew I had no hope of getting. That’s slightly easier this year. I still don’t get 17 scripts a day, but it does make it easier. Out of the Sundance thing, that’s been the best things for me that I got to meet interesting people.

You’re also playing Winnie Gekko in Wall Street 2. Did that come as a result of your performance in An Education or was that already on the books?

Carey: Oliver saw An Education and offered me Winnie. He offered it to me while I was shooting Never Let Me Go and I was with Andrew Garfield who’s in Never Let Me Go with me, and my agent rang me and said Oliver Stone is going to call you. We were sitting having sushi and Garfield was sort of like, “Oh man, we’ve got to get a hands-free, speaker thing,” so we got a hands-free and we both sat over the sushi listening to Oliver pissing ourselves. That all came from An Education, which was brilliant. It’s a completely different character. I get to play an adult which it mad because I usually play kids. And I play an American and a Gekko. It’s another world from An Education.

Can you describe working with Lone?

Carey: She doesn’t see filmmaking as stressful, she sees it as a joy. She ran the whole thing in a calm way. She never got upset or over-excited. It felt like a chilled out vibe. Everyone always says, “Oh the cast, we all loved each other,” but we really did. Especially with me and Rosamund Pike, Dominic Cooper and Peter, all the stuff with Danny and Helen running around Oxford, we just had a really good time. She had a joy for the film that I don’t know anyone else could’ve had. She found things funny about British culture that only an outsider could find that funny. She finds Battenberg cake hysterical and then she makes it funny for the audience.

Read the entire Carey Mulligan interview here.

Speaking of Carey and An Education...

Check out an Exclusive clip: 'An Education'
from LA Times' The Envelope.

or watch it below...

[source: bipedalist]

An Education starring Carey Mulligan and Rosamund Pike
opens in New York and L.A. October 9th - to find out when it’s coming to a theater near you, check out the official site.



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