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Carey Mulligan talks to MTV Movies about Wall Street 2

Carey Mulligan  was recently interviewed by Josh Horowitz for MTV Movies Blog.

Here's part of the article...

'Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps' Star Carey Mulligan Is 'A Gekko, Man'

MTV's Josh Horowitz recently had the opportunity to speak with Mulligan, and she was more than happy to talk about the coming sequel as well as her familiarity with Stone's early work. "I had seen ['Wall Street'] years and years ago when I was 11," she said. "Then I watched it again when [Oliver Stone] offered it to me. I love it. It’s not my kind of movie in general but the performances are amazing. It’s so exciting."

Mulligan was quick to point out that she's playing against type in many ways, which adds to the allure of the role for her. "It’s the most contemporary thing I’ve done," she explained. "It’s about something. It’s really political."

Sadly, Mulligan wasn't willing to get too specific about her character and whether she's anything like her father. She did drop a few hints however. "She’s a Gekko, man. I can’t reveal too much but its ridiculous to have that name. It does afford me a million opportunities to play things different ways because I have that father to base so much of my character on."

Just because she's a Gekko, that doesn't mean Winnie necessarily follows in her father's footsteps. "She’s not on Wall Street," Mulligan said, her most revealing statement about the character.

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